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Five Easy Home Office Ideas

If you think you have to have a spare room, a massive living room or master bedroom in order to have a serviceable decorating home office – it’s time to rethink that assumption. Useful and welcoming workspaces can be assembled in some of the most unexpected spots in your home.

A View of One’s Own

With the a minimalist desk, chair, and shelf, a plain windowed corner can become a full-fledged workspace. Placing the desk and chair right up against the window, facing the view outside will provide all the justification you need to call it an office. Even if the view isn’t spectacular, it’s still a great way to create a welcoming office space, and you might even consider yourself lucky. If the view isn’t your first choice of scenery that means you’ll probably get a lot more work done than you might if you were to find yourself gazing out over a pristine woodland valley or ocean side.

contemporary home office other metroDesigned by Clive Daniel Home

The Secret Service Bureau

If you’re fortunate enough to have one, a china cabinet with a fold out table can serve a double purpose as your desk for your decorating home office. Adding a single chair and your stationary to the compartment gives your cupboard a duel personality. This is ideal for poets and writers who need a facility for quickly jotting down ideas, or it can be a terrifically minimalistic way to organize the bills and other important household documents.

Modern in Montvale transitional home office new yorkDesigned by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

The Odd Corner for Odd Jobs

If you’ve got a corner with an unusual protrusion, recessed area, or just a tiny, difficult to use spot- you can make use of that easily. Odd wall features can be the most welcoming places to install multiple single shelves, or difficult to place cabinets and boxed shelves. Then, a simple table made from some spare wood and a sawhorse or two, (or whatever you have handy), can make a tidy impromptu table. With a little buffing and stain, these items can be made very functional quite easily.

Working Blue

Water Front in the Windy City transitional home office chicagoPhoto credit for Cynthia Lynn Photography

If you’ve got a large metal cabinet laying around gathering dust, consider yourself lucky. That seemingly unsightly thing can be buffed down to the tin and made shiny in an afternoon. Incorporate this into a minimalistic and functional office with strong blue overtones. A rich, deep blue goes well with the spirit of functionality, and your newly metal-bright cabinet, by contrast, will become the star of the show.

contemporary home office at ottawaDesigned by John Donkin Architect

Bedside Manner

It doesn’t take much of an office when placed next to a bed to add an exceedingly functional work space to your home. Here’s one of the easiest ways for decorating home office spaces. Something cozy and small just south of your lamp table can be a great way to wind down after a long day at work and give you the time and space to organize your day both before and after a good night’s rest.

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