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Modern Homes With Mountain Views

Mid-century Modern Symmetry mansions; is a splendid way to describe the modern homes with mountain views. The exterior is designed in a way that accentuates compact symmetry with cubes and straight edges that make up the houses. The exterior lighting and appearance gives the impression of a palatial welcome. Rough mountainous terrains surrounding the houses complement the smooth modern symmetry of the houses.

Designed by Drewett Works

The entrance to the living room is majestically lit by the naked view of the Mummy and Camelback Mountains surrounding the property. Bright inconspicuous colors are ideal for the amount of light shimmering in from the beautiful views. Living area furniture designs and arrangements are fit to complement the view.

Mountain views mean just that; beautiful mountain views even from the modern contemporary kitchen. The kitchen is spacious with elegant lighting across the whole gigantic room. The posh look of the snack area and high stool counter is more appealing than the potential delicious meals. The space in the kitchen area is strikingly furnished to give the kitchen a professional home look.

The indoor and outdoor dining areas give the feeling of an under-the-blue-sky meal. Clear mountain peaks can be seen from the table leading out to the open property. The dining area is adjacent to other rooms and easily accessible from the kitchen. In addition, the contemporary stunning dining area is surrounded by open glass transparent views.

A home office space facing the beautiful peaks makes working from your home even more fulfilling. The office space is surrounded by the mountains makes for a refreshing work area. Effective office furniture design makes it deliberate to seriously work from a beautiful, well organized home office.

Spacious bedrooms make every single bedroom in the mountainous surrounded house look like a furnished camp site. The open transparency of the mountains to the bedrooms is enough to count stars at night in the comfort of an intimate bedroom.

Interestingly, all the bedrooms in the house have beautiful views of the peaks. The master bedroom is accentuated with a big personal tub just outside the room overlooking the open blue sky and majestic peaks. Bath time in this modern Mountain View homes becomes an exploration of the sky experience every day.

An infinity swimming pool, home theatre entertainment systems, and wholesome relaxing areas in the modern Mountain View homes are a fun way to enjoy leisure time. The infinity pool overlooks the Mummy and Camelback mountains and almost feels like swimming in an outdoor lake. Gigantic screens in the living areas and home theatre room designed to give a film experience without leaving the beautiful mountains. The vast relaxing areas almost leave you in a dilemma to pick the best peaks to stare at.

There is absolutely no doubt to the relaxing, engaging, refreshing, and rejuvenating atmosphere surrounding the modern homes with mountain views. The environment is ideal for anyone looking for serene living quarters.

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