Wednesday, 12 June 2024

A Dream Home Can Become a Reality

Imagine having your dream home being custom crafted and designed to suit you and your loved ones. A house that represents your personality, lifestyle and passions. All of this done with your cost effective budget in mind. Your dream home can become a reality just as is has for others.

A couple in Seattle, Washington got to experience this pleasure. A very active couple who share a passion of cycling. This dream home was designed and built with plenty of storage and maintenance space for the couple and their 18 bicycles. It is an amazing home, made with style and all on a cost effective budget.

Cycle House contemporary exterior - seattle

Cycle House contemporary exterior - seattle 2

A cost efficient home that suits your needs and desires is no longer a thing of the past. The Cycle House was designed by a man named Chadbourne and his team of doss architects. There are three floors that connect from indoors to outside, this allows a scene to panoramic views of Lake Washington. There are also huge windows in the great room so you can see the beautiful mountains and lake.

Cycle House modern exterior - seattle

Cycle House contemporary exterior design - seattle

Cycle House contemporary landscape design - seattleThe stairs were built using reclaimed steel and wood. It is incredible! You can have a beautiful view while walking up all three floors in the house. The interior walls that the stairs wind around are made from back lit translucent fiberglass. Not only does this provide a stunning view but it also allows much more light into the home, which in turn, means you have to use your lighting even less. And on cold winter days the sun shining through will add a lot of warmth.

Cycle House contemporary staircase - seattle

Cycle House contemporary garage - seattleThe cycle house, as it is called, includes a bike shop, allowing space for storing the 18 bikes. Not only is there storage space but plenty of room for bike repairs and maintenance. The huge sliding glass door allows more sun to fill the room with light and provides  a nice view. The door leads out to the enclosed yard, taking the bikes in and out is less of a chore this way.

Cycle House contemporary bedroom - seattle

Cycle House contemporary bathroom - seattleThe interior of this house is a collaboration of black, white and some light warm wood accents. The bathroom looks like something out of a 5 star hotel with it’s big open tub and shower which are enclosed with a frame less glass. Using hybridized acrylic cement plaster provides a seamless waterproof wet room.

Cycle House modern deck - seattle

Cycle House contemporary staircase - seattle 2The roof was even utilized as a space for hanging out. The roof doubles as a deck with a cantilevered roof that provides plenty of shade while relaxing in your lounge chair. Below you will find links that will lead you to the photographs of this beautiful home. Remember your dream home can become a reality even if you have a budget. Cost efficient homes are becoming more and more popular. Let your imagination do the work.

I hope you have enjoyed the article now get to your dream home today.

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