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3 House Design Tips

Melinda S 3 House Design TipsFebruary 7th, 2016

Along with exercising and better money management, improving our homes is another new years resolution. It only makes sense that you want your home to look just as good as you and your bank account for the new year. Like anything else, improving your home comes at a cost. So, it is only right that we provide you with some house design tips that won’t steer you clear from your financial regimen. In reality, majority of these house design tips will require little to no cost for you. Now that you have opened your “special bank account” and renewed your gym membership, let’s get started on the house.

The main entrance

Warragul Residence contemporary entry melbourneWarragul Residence – Designed by Maxa Design

Majority of us overlook this very crucial area. Although it is one of the very first areas that a person sees, a homeowner will tend to totally forget about it. Your front door says a lot about your home and the people that live in it. Do you remember those homes that were brick and white, with a red door? Remember how those stood out? That’s right and you can do the same. You definitely can’t go wrong with red, but it also depends on the color of your home. Funk it up with a lime green or fall peach color. Your guests will never look at your home as being boring, again. Simply grab a can of half-finished paint out of the basement and get to work. Instantly, you will change the way you feel when you walk into your own home.

The light of life

Warragul Residence contemporary exterior melbourne

Warragul Residence contemporary melbourne

Warragul Residence with contemporary entry melbourne

You ever walked into a large, dark home? There is no life within the walls. As soon as you walk in, you want to go to bed or leave. Have you ever felt this way in your own home? This is a complete turn-off. In the world of real estate, this is one of the biggest no-nos for selling a home. House Design Tips 101 is “let there be light!” You don’t want to drain energy out of people, when they walk into your home. So, give them some light! And, this will come at no-cost for most people. All it requires is you opening some blinds and leaving some lights on. For others, it could cost a little. Especially if it requires creating a new window or installing more lights.

Warragul Residence contemporary exterior melbourne by Maxa Design

Warragul Residence contemporary living room melbourne

Elegant Warragul Residence contemporary exterior melbourne by Maxa Design

Lasting reflections

A mirror. In any environment (work, home, store, etc.), a mirror just does something to a person. You have to look. It’s a habit for most people. Even if it is just a sudden glance to make sure that everything is in place, you can’t resist taking advantage of a vacant mirror. And, this is the same reaction you will get in your home. Try placing a mirror in every room in your house and watch how many people put it to good use; at least, in their minds they are putting it to good use.

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