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All Shower Spaces Need Bathroom Accessories

There are dozens of impressive vanities in the market. Even the apparently perfect designer bathroom can always do with one or more additions. It could be some inspirational wall art, creatively crafted pieces or a multifunctional object.

These are some of the reasons why you should not think twice about getting bathroom accessories.


A head rest will make a huge difference to even the most smoothly sculpted rim on a tub. It acts like a pillow that props up and supports your neck and head as you soak. It is a guarantee that you will stay longer in the tub if you have one of these. Only make sure the material on your tub can retain heat for a long time.

Cool Gray contemporary bathroom atlantaCool Gray Bathroom – Designed by Change Your Bathroom, Inc.

cool gray contemporary bathroom

cool gray contemporary bathroom design


Choose a head rest that will offset the rest of your décor beautifully, or make it a focal point in itself. A deep maroon for example looks beautiful when mounted against a brilliant white and glossy bath. The effect is more stunning when the walls and cabinetry comes in walnut or other deep shades.

Cool Gray contemporary bathroom atlanta 2

modern cool gray bathroom

An accessory is any furnishing that helps in the overall functioning of a room. As it happens quite frequently, some sections of a room are purely set aside to boost its face. Most eye catching decorative pieces are strategically placed to impress.

luxury gray bathroom

interior contemporary bathroom


An accentuated soap holder will hold your soaps, the headrest will cushion your neck and head, and the towel rods can be made to hold and warm up your towel as you shower.

Cool Gray contemporary bathroom atlanta with white bathtub

Cool Gray eclectic bathroom atlanta


It is said your home is an extension of yourself. For those who decorating is at the core of their lives, they take all their living spaces as an arena for expression. You could develop the same mindset and use the bathroom as your canvas. Have the courage to step out and be bold with your décor. Get large vases, striking wall art with messages or abstract art to stimulate your mind as you soak or shower.

lighting on Cool Gray contemporary bathroom atlanta

Create the perfect atmosphere where you can be alone with your thoughts and enjoy connecting with your deeper self. The more relaxed the ambience, the better.

contemporary bathroom photo

Again, going overboard with accessories can be disastrous. It is possible to have many pieces without crowding the home. Many people are leaning towards getting ultra-modern and sleek bathrooms. The trend is minimalist but optimal luxury. To get into this spirit, choose a handful of outstanding accessories and place them at different places.  The point is, they should blend well. If it looks grossly out of place, do away with it or find another corner in the home where it would serve a better purpose.

contemporary bathroom


elegant cool gray bathroom

ambience cool gray contemporary bathroom atlanta

Give your bathroom that spa like atmosphere. Use tastefully decorated electric candles, which are safer and healthier in the long run than inorganic ones. They not only look beautiful, but also, the mellow light that they emanate tends to calm the mind.

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