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Exclusive Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is an integral part of every house. Thus, having a well-organized and functional bathroom is important for every home. However, a small bathing space always proves to be a challenge to decorate. Some bathrooms need renovation while others have the ability to feel bigger. Depending on your budget, you can implement various big design ideas for your small bathroom.

Vanity Area

The amount of space you can manoeuvre around your sink is significant in the use of your bathroom.  There are various needs for every sink which are determined by what you keep in the bathroom. If you have a lot of accessories that require a sizeable storage space, make use of the small vanity that features under counter cabinet doors. You can add organizational drawers and shelves inside your cabinet to ensure that the entire space is utilized optimally.

If you do not need a lot of storage, you can decorate your bathroom using a pedestal sink. You can also mount your sink on the wall and add decorative shelving below it. If your space is limited, you can nestle your sink in the corner of two walls giving you maximum floor space.

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Having maximum room around the toilet is considered ideal by many home owners though it is not realistic if the bathroom is small. Nonetheless, replacing your toilet with a smaller size version can guarantee more room around it since it takes up less floor space. If it is impossible for you to replace your toilet, you can minimize floor items to create more space around your toilet. It is proven that the more space around the toilet, the better your will feel while using your washroom.

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Bathtub and Shower

A majority of small bathrooms have the shower and the bathtub combined while others have a shower only. If you can afford, you can replace the shower curtain with a glass door enclosure. Glass has been proven to perfectly create the illusion of a bigger bathroom and the shower also feels larger. It is advisable to use lighter colored shower curtains and in case of tall ceiling the curtain should be installed at a higher head height which makes the room to appear elongated.

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Dull colors make rooms to appear smaller while lighter colors create the perception that the room is bigger even when it is small. If your bathroom is located somewhere natural light pours in, it makes it to feel much bigger. If you do not have the luxury of natural light in your bathroom, decorate it using sunny and neutral tones that are warm and welcoming.

The light bulbs in your bathroom should emit a warmer glow to ensure that you see yourself perfectly in the mirror. These big design ideas are not expensive hence you can easily implement them on your small bathroom making it to appear big. Decorate and redesign your bathroom in style to enjoy every time that you use it.

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