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Home Study Ideas for the Perfect Home Office

Maybe you’re a new empty-nester or a budding entrepreneur eyeing that extra room in your house as a potential home office. Where do you start to create the perfect work environment? Home study ideas can range from drastic remodeling to simplifying and organizing a study area. Inject it with a little of your own personality, and it can be the perfect hideaway where you can let your creative juices flow within an organizational structure that stimulates your imagination while making it easier to get the job done.

Separate Work and Living

One of the first maxims for creating a space where you can concentrate on projects that enthrall you is to make sure that it is separate from your living space. That’s why a spare bedroom can make an ideal home office. However, sometimes a spare bedroom is not available, but you can still drum up other home study ideas to commandeer the space where it did not seem to exist before. For instance, you can convert an empty garage, a part of the basement, or shed into a home office. Home study ideas don’t have to be limited to just spare bedrooms, but try to keep it out of the general foot traffic of the house. This will reduce interruptions and help you get in a work mood when you step through the door. It will also allow you to relax and put away work when you leave that space at the end of the day.

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Light Up the Space

If you’re mostly working during the day, it’s a good idea to try to get natural light into the space. This will help you stay more alert and keep utility bills low. If you don’t have enough windows, consider adding more or even a skylight. Solar tubes that reflect the natural light from the outdoors into an isolated space indoors can also be ideal for home offices that require daytime lighting. You also want to make sure that you can shade the home office with blinds or drapes to keep the sun out of your face when it is high in the sky. Home study ideas for night-time lighting should include a floor lamp that can be angled on the work, when needed, and overhead lighting for the entire space, too.

Consider Your Heating, Cooling, and Energy Needs

How will you keep the space warm in winter and cool in the summer? Home study ideas that don’t include your heating and cooling needs can sabotage the suitability of a space for a home office. If you plan on using the home office to house a lot of delicate electronics, you don’t want their innards fried because you did not consider adding air conditioning to the space. Similarly, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work if your teeth are chattering. Finally, make sure you have enough outlets and can support the energy demands of whatever equipment you choose to add to your home office.

Configure the Work Area

Once you have the space picked out, you can start imagining the layout. There are numerous home study ideas that you can implement in your home office. You can add filing cabinets, a desk, a computer area, and even a sitting area. It all depends on what you aim to do in the space and if you will entertain any visitors in your home office. For instance, a graphics designer might want to include a large table to lay out their designs and a computer and printer area, too. An author might decide they don’t need a large table, but may want a sitting area to read and research their next book. A tax accountant may want a large filing area to house copies of their clients’ taxes and a sitting area to meet and discuss their needs. Consider multiple areas in one space for different functions and then decide what office furniture you need for that portion of the space. Get some measurements of the room and plan the layout with the furniture you need on paper first. Then, you will have an easier time when it comes time to actually move the furniture into the space.

Decorate and Add Style

Now, that you’ve nailed down the functionality that you need to do the work, you can concentrate on some fun home study ideas to help you decorate and add style to the space. Aside from when you were a kid, there are few times you get to really carve out a space and make it your own, so have fun! If you are a modern day programmer, there’s no reason you can’t give your home office a futuristic look, complete with modern metal and glass furnishings. Freelance writers and graphic designers may choose inspirational artwork for the space and pick furniture with a more crafty look. Knick knacks may not be functionally necessary, but can punch up the atmosphere that delights you as well as visitors. Painting walls can liven up a space instantly and is very easy on the pocketbook.

Speaking of the Budget

Eventually, you may wonder if you can afford all of your home study ideas. You may have to prioritize them based on what provides the most functionality for the workspace, and then add other design elements later, as you generate income from your workspace. Don’t forget to keep track of all the expenses in creating your dream office with these home study ideas. If you are using it to generate income, and it falls within the IRS guidelines for a home office, you may be able to deduct those expenses at the end of the year from your taxes. Thus, all the money that you put into getting the perfect home office with these home study ideas can eventually provide a return on the investment via a tax deduction and a way to earn extra money from home.

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