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7 Tips to Keep Your Home Office Well Organized and Improve Workflow

Owning your own home business allows you to tend to your family and earn a living. As such, your home office may be the most important room in the house and as the hub of family operations, it needs to run efficiently and smoothly. Here are some quick tips on how to keep your home office organized, no matter where it is located.

1. Adequate Furnishing

As with any office, you are going to need proper space for equipment, files, and reference materials. As such, you will need to insure that you have the proper desk space to work comfortably. Your computer, printer, office supplies should all have adequate space and filing cabinets should be readily available. You need a good, comfortable office chair so you are be able to sit y for long periods of time. You should maintain a well-stocked reserve of office supplies so you don’t have to make last minute trips.

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Office Well Organized and Improve Workflow

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2. Everything in its Place

Have designated areas for each item you use. Always know exactly where everything is at all times. Your office supplies should have its own storage unit in your office so when you run low, you don’t have to run about looking for printer paper or envelopes. Reference material should be on a shelf nearby and replaced when you are finished with it. Develop a system for getting rid of old files that are no longer relevant.

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3. Designate Workstations

All of your office equipment and devices that are most frequently used should be within reach. You PC should be in one area, notebooks in another. Maintain an in box and outbox to keep track of what is coming in and going out. Your workspace should remain clear and accessible. Shredders, fax machines, or equipment that is rarely used can be in a separate location of on the far side of your work area. This will help eliminate time wasted looking for things you need and maximize your productivity.

4. Develop a Routine

You should have a clear plan for each workday and follow it daily. Set 10 minutes aside to check your emails, then handle all paperwork. Next tend to business calls and make sure operational deadlines are being met. Whatever it is you do, stick to a specific order of operations each day, and adjust as needed. This will optimize your productivity tremendously.

5. Bundle and Hide Cables

One thing that can really add to the clutter of a home office is excessive cables. Not only is it unsightly, but it can pose a hazard. The best thing to do with these is to bundle like cables together and get them out of the way. It reduces the risk of tripping and cleans up your office space at the same time.

6. Minimize Equipment

In keeping with the principles of order, it helps to have the least amount of equipment possible. If you still have one of those bulky computer monitors, ditch it for a new, compact flat screen model. Instead of having a printer, a scanner and a fax machine, buy an all-in-one device that is compact and efficient, yet delivers good quality.

Back up your files online and minimize the need for a file cabinet and minimize your personal items. Use a freestanding light that stands alone rather than using a lamp that occupies valuable desk real estate. When possible, stack equipment to open up space and free your area of technical clutter.

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7. Regular Housekeeping

When you are done with your workday, make sure you pick up trash and remove unnecessary paperwork. Put away all of your supplies when they are not in use. If you have an erratic schedule, set aside 10 minutes every day to organize your desk and clear off your workspace.

By keeping yourself organized, you will help maintain smooth business operations and still make it to girl scouts on time.

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