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Top 10 Ideas to Revamp Your Decor for Small Living Rooms

The trend towards smaller houses creates bigger challenges in home decor. However, cramped living spaces can be made to appear bigger using some simple design ideas. It doesn’t take a lot of money or even years of experience in home decor. Also, with today’s multi-purpose furniture, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for looks. There will always be a way to get both the style and usage you want out of your small living room space, when you adopt some of these ideas in your decor for small living rooms.

Get started creating a dream space with a few simple ideas to create a lighter, brighter, more inviting living room. Don’t let the small space intimidate you. Instead, find a way to create a welcoming area even when space is at a premium.

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Here’s how to conquer those challenges that you’ll have with creative decor for small living rooms. .

1. Let the Light In — In warmer seasons, take the time to switch out the dark, thick, drapes with light curtains that let in more light. This will help to open up a small space visually. Add a skylight, if you have funds for that in your budget. Even solar tubes may bring in needed light to a dark living room, even if you can’t see out them that well.

2. Pick One Color — Monochromatic color schemes have a way of making a room look less cluttered, and, thus, bigger. White, in particular, is a color scheme that looks clean and crisp and also creates an expansive feel. Paint walls the same color as the furniture, and use different hues of the same color for contrast. Neutral colors work better for smaller living rooms and can come in a variety of interesting hues.

3. Add Reflective Surfaces — Mirrors or vases that reflect light will also do the job of lightening up the space and providing a feeling of depth. If you don’t want to add one large mirror on the wall, consider putting up tiled mirrors on one wall to open the space. Or, if you see decorative pieces that go with your theme that include mirrored elements, they can work too. Glass and metal furniture will also reflect light around the room.

4. Don’t Mix and Match Styles — Don’t try to do too much in one small space. If you like the cottage look, don’t try to add a few modern touches. Stick with one style and nail it down. Avoid clutter by choosing one or two design pieces instead of an arrangement of many pieces. This can help bring an airy feel to the space. This particularly true for the items you choose for your coffee table or the mantle top.

5. Go Big with Furniture — It may seem odd to put a big furniture pieces in a small room, but it’s not the total size of the furniture that matters. It’s the visual weight. Avoid boxy pieces that hog the floor and pick some with legs instead. Make close groupings of la few larger pieces for seating and try to maintain a clear traffic path in and out of the room too. Metal and glass furniture also can dominate a room without making it feel closed in.

6. Look Up — If the small living room has a high ceiling, you’re in luck. You can draw the eye up by emphasizing vertical lines from long, flowing, drapes to large, narrow, pieces of art on the wall. You can even put up large blinds that when open and put on either side of the window, will staircase the eye upwards.

7. Use Ottomans — These handy pieces of furniture are bulky, but can also serve as coffee tables or additional seating space. Ottomans can be made from soft, velvety, materials to natural fibers.

8. Create Storage Spaces — One challenge of a small living room is having enough storage. If you use an ottoman for a coffee table, you can also choose one with hidden storage. Or, you can get a regular coffee table that has storage underneath. You can even put up shelving and furniture cubes on the wall for additional storage areas on the walls.

9. Define Clear Boundaries — A small living room means you don’t want to just scatter furniture. It should be arranged in clearly defined spaces. For instance, you might use a modern rug to delineate the area where you expect the seating to be and another area set aside with a desk can be set away from the main rug to create a different work zone.

10. Convert a Nook — If you have space under a stairwell, you can use it as an extra desk space or place to put your coats and shoes in the winter. If you have a large window, you can convert it into additional seating by adding a window seat.

The trick to getting smart decor for small living rooms is to always pay attention to scale across the entire room, not just in one area of the room. Something that is too big on its own or crowds out the rest of the decor needs to be eliminated. The whole living room should harmonize well, and appear to match in style and tone. You can do a lot with decor for small living rooms, but design mistakes will stick out more than in a larger space. Thus, it’s always better to err on the side of getting rid of something, rather than adding something more to the decor.

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