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14 New Home Kitchen Ideas

It’s time to move in to your new home. Before you start the decorating process, here are some new home kitchen ideas. This article will give you tips on how to decorate your kitchen without having to remodel.

First make an assessment of what you have to work with.

  • Are the floors tile, wood, or linoleum? What kind of pattern is there?
  • What about the appliances? Are they white, black, or stainless?
  • Are the cabinets light or dark? Are they wood or laminate?
  • What color are the counter tops? Are they a solid pattern or speckled?

14 New Home Kitchen Ideas

Next, choose your lighting. Kitchens should be bright and cheery. And a well-lit kitchen feels roomy and inviting. Many people take light bulbs for granted. This is a mistake as the tone of your lights can enhance or detract from your decorating. Today’s modern light bulbs make having a well-lit kitchen easy and affordable. Additionally, colors appear differently under different lights. Choose the lighting according to your cabinets’ colors because this represents the most surface area of your kitchen.

  • Wood cabinets or imitation laminates need “soft white” light to bring out the beauty of the wood.
  • White laminate or painted cabinets need “day light” bulbs to bring out their colors and create a cheerful atmosphere.

Remember to make everything about your kitchen express your personality. Choose your favorite colors and patterns. Display your favorite collections and art.

power house - white kitchen

dining room - elegant kitchen

Now pick your theme. Some people choose a piece of art and then make color and accessory choices based on that. Some prefer to decorate according to a collection they have. For many families, the kitchen is the place where family gathers and guests are entertained. Choose a theme based on your tastes and the way you plan on using the space.

Using these new home kitchen ideas will make decorating fun and exciting.

  1. Avoid too many textures and patterns. They tend to compete with each other and make your kitchen feel crowded. For example, choose a solid pattern for your window coverings if you have a strong pattern in your floor or a speckled granite counter top. Additionally, avoid bold patterns if you have an exposed brick wall in your kitchen.
  2. A speckled granite counter top with a brick oven and contrasting grout in your tile floor with a geometric tile back splash may be too many patterns. It overwhelms the design scheme and it will seem like there isn’t one. Limiting the number of patterns and textures in your kitchen can mean the difference between cozy and crowded.
  3. Paint helps to create the mood for your kitchen. Use rich earth tones with dark wood. Light neutral colors work best for lightly colored cabinets. When painting a kitchen, use high gloss paint. This ensures that splatters will be easy to wash off instead of requiring you to repaint.
  4. When displaying your collections, keep in mind that workspaces should be uncluttered and usable. Avoid using countertops to display your collections. Instead, hang them on the wall or place them on a shelf or on top of the refrigerator.
  5. Use decorative shelving brackets on either side of your window to create a shelf above the window that doubles as a window treatment. Top with a trailing house plant or use the shelf to display a collection of vintage food tins.
  6. Green plants add relaxing color and make the air in your kitchen cleaner. Plants are a great accent to any kitchen. Use pots that accent your decorating scheme. Tropical house plants work well in nearly every kitchen. CFL bulbs also help tropical plants to thrive indoors and use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  7. If your kitchen has lots of natural light, consider creating a kitchen herb garden. Modify a window sill with a 12 inch shelf so that your window can accommodate pots that are large enough for your herbs to thrive.
  8. Making simple changes to the elements already present in your home can be a very powerful design technique. Modern oak cabinets can be given a more traditional look by installing new hardware.  Art in rustic frames can complement stainless steel appliances.
  9. If you have an eat-in kitchen, you will want to use your interior design elements to differentiate one area from another. Use an area rug under the dinette to differentiate the eating area from the cooking area. Pendant lighting can also set apart the dining area from the rest of the kitchen.
  10. When using artwork in your kitchen, make sure that each frame has a glass in it and is properly backed. This will keep your art from being ruined by the steam and grease that is normal for a kitchen.
  11. Try using prints of herbs or food framed and matted with colors that complement your kitchen’s color.
  12. Using snap shots of your family to decorate your kitchen can create a friendly atmosphere. Choose pictures of friends and family members cooking together or enjoying a Christmas dinner. Hang them between the top of the counter and the bottom of cabinets. They are inexpensive so if they get splashed with cake batter they are easy to replace.
  13. Your window treatments should let in as much light as possible. Try mini blinds; wood for a country kitchen or white for a modern one. Café curtains in light semi-transparent fabrics can be a beautiful and functional part of any kitchen.
  14. Try hanging a garland of silk flowers across the top of the café curtain rod. This can enhance an otherwise boring piece of hardware.

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