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Small Space Home Office Ideas

Having a small home and the very real need to have space, just for your office, are not exclusive facts. You have your living and entertaining areas as well as your bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, but you also must have a place to write that novel, surf the Internet or handle the paperwork for a small business. Small space home office ideas takes a little creativity, fueled by your imagination.

Start With The Basics

No matter what space you do have, your pad of paper and a few pens or pencils can be set up on what used to be referred to as a TV tray, right at your easy chair; right in front of the television. You need a good reading light and you probably already have that, so you are set for a quick place to work. With a laptop computer, there should be little need for file cabinets, however, a short one could be rolled into place. Other ideas and categories of places should help your imagination a bit:

Unused Corners are great for implementing your small space home office ideas

Most homes have a few corners that have no real purpose other than a few plants or a table that gets papers and other debris scattered over it. Just a few feet of space, such as four or five, will be enough in which to place a short, inexpensive desk. Shelves can be mounted on the wall, along both sides, for filing and the placement of anything you need for inspiration. By placing your working space out of the way, yet still in the same areas as the rest of the family, you can be ‘at work’ and still accessible to everyone.

interior small space home office

Under Things

One of the most unused areas in any home is under the stairs. Some homes have been constructed with a false wall there and others will have a closet or storage area. In some, this space is used or heavy coats or boots, needed from time to time, but not all year, and in the Harry Potter movies, this is where Harry lived when he was not at Hogwarts.

There is almost always room under your stairs; a little wood paneling for a ceiling, a small desk and a desk lamp will make a space that can be set aside just for you and no one else. Small filing cabinets can be moved into place and you are ready.

simple interior home office

Under the eves, in the attic, is also something to look at. You should have easy access to this space to make it worth the time and effort, however, there should be plenty of room unless you are an extremely tall person. Most homes have attics that stretch from one end to another, so even a small home has quite of bit of what is otherwise wasted space. Small space home office ideas do not have to be on the ground floor only.

Under the house, as in the basement, is always a good place to work, think and simply enjoy the peace of not having everyone strolling through your work area. You may need to ensure there is no water or heavy moisture coming through the cement walls, however, after that, the open space can be decorated to make you feel like you are actually at work or, make it look like you are on vacation with posters and other items.

Inside Other Things

This means things like closets. Every home has few closets for linen, cleaning supplies or one used as a pantry, just off of the kitchen. There is actually plenty of space in many of these closets because of the amount of space that you do not really need. A linen closet or a pantry might already have a few shelves installed. Placing your work station on the lowest one will allow you to slide a chair or stool under it and you have a sturdy surface on which to work. The shelves above that one can be used for storage of materials you need and a printer and or scanner can be placed above the work space and everything can be in their own space. Magazine holders can be hung on the door so they are accessible, yet out of the way and the entire ‘office’ can be closed when you do not need it. Small space home office ideas are where you find them.

Other Considerations

Space saving ideas must be implemented because these areas are so small. Two short filing cabinets with a finished piece of wood placed on top may have to serve as a desk. Hanging folders or other things, such as magazine racks, may need to be hung so filing can be done and it is out of the way. You may not not have room for an ergonomically correct desk chair and a stool might be the best bet.

A Healthier Way To Work In A Small Space: A Standing Desk

This concept has caught on with many companies and is better for your back and helps preserve your energy for whatever comes up. This is because you are not just sitting there, but more actively involved with what you are doing. This type of ‘desk’ takes very little space and can be installed or set just about anywhere. It fits perfectly fine against any wall. You might think about setting it against a large window with the best view from your home. This will not only give you a pleasant work station but, because of the size of this unit, it can be moved when you need to look at something else. It can be set up in the kitchen, living room or along the wall in the dining room, even a bedroom or the play room.

Giving small space home office ideas a good thought, you can come up with any number of them by simply looking through your home and imagining what if.

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