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Organizing Your Home from the Easiest Room in the House to the Most Difficult

An uncluttered home tends to look clean, even when it hasn’t been dusted in a week. You may love your possessions, but that doesn’t mean they all need to be displayed in full view. A home that is well organized can contain lots of stuff, without the headache of needing to pick up after it all the time. Good organization of household stuff can increase your sense of well-being and reduce stress, by providing a home where everything is in its place, but not necessarily within view. Take a tip from the experts, and adopt some of these organization home ideas in your home.

Organize Every Room in the House

It’s a lot easier to organize a living room than a kitchen, just because there are many more things in a kitchen to organize. Thus, the first step towards organizing a house is to go it at room by room. Start by decluttering your house and then learning innovative ways to store those items you want to keep for later. Starting from the easiest room in the house to organize to the most difficult, you’ll be able to the job done a little chunk at a time.

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Organization Home Ideas for the Living Room

It may be the most popular room in the house, but it really is the easiest to keep organized. To reduce unnecessary coats, shoes, and other apparel from piling up, create a separate space near the entry, either in a closet, under a stairwell, or via hanging hooks and storage benches. Even a strategically placed coat rack can help to reduce clutter in the living room, by keeping it out of the living room in the first place. Next, take advantage of storage in coffee tables, ottomans, and even behind a sofa. Avoid buying too many decorative pieces for the mantle or top of the coffee table, and instead be happy with just a few well loved ones. Organize other household displays into collections, grouped together, like a picture gallery and a collection of houseplants near a favorite window.

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Organization Home Ideas for the Dining Room

The dining room is next, simply because it doesn’t get used that much in today’s eat on the run lifestyle. All one needs to keep the dining room well organized is a buffet table, chest of drawers, or a china cabinet. Store table cloths, napkin rings, extra silverware, and even crafts done on the dining room table in this area – out of sight. For plates, you can display them above the buffet table either, by hanging them on the wall or by displaying them decoratively on top of the dresser or buffet table. If you have a china cabinet, you can use the top portion to display extra glassware and china that you want everyone to see, but not necessarily on the dining room table.

Organization Home Ideas for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a more complex room as it can serve many functions. People don’t just sleep in their bedrooms anymore. They often entertain themselves there with book collections and gaming systems. Just the fact that you store your clothing in the bedroom, can make this a harder room to organize. However, don’t fret! There are plenty of storage solutions to help you keep this area tidy. You can hire a professional closet organizer or buy a shoe rack and closet shelves for a do-it-yourself solution. Use the space underneath a bed to add shoe boxes for extra cords or to put in rollaway storage for bulky winter items and extra blankets. Baskets can be decorative and also help to add storage where there is none and it can’t be hidden. Trunks at the foot of the bed give the bedroom an old world feel, while providing extra storage. Use shelves and hooks for other types of storage.

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Organization Home Ideas for the Bathroom

The bathroom can be a big challenge because it is often a tiny room with high household demands put on it. You shower, bathe, use the facilities, and sometimes even dye and cut your hair there. It must meet all your hygiene needs, too. Having storage is essential to keeping this room well-organized, and it starts with the cabinets that normally are underneath the sink. These are often not enough because piping makes them difficult to fully load. Instead, you can organize items within the shower or tub area itself with shower caddies, that either hang over the shower hook or that are pole mounted in a corner, and trays that span the bathtub. Add additional storage by mounting metal rack shelves or cabinets above the toilet or commandeer a nearby closet outside the bathroom to store additional towels. For a fun tip, roll up towels instead of laying them flat, and tie them with ribbons to add a decorative touch to the bathroom without needing additional storage that must be hidden. Put a basket of fine scented soaps and travel size products next to them.

organization for the bathroom

Organization Home Ideas for the Kitchen

organization home ideas for the kitchen

The kitchen is best organized by a professional. It requires specific areas of work, like placing silverware nearer to the eating areas, cutting boards near the sink, and spices organized close to the cooktop. Old cabinets may not have the types of shelves and drawers necessary for easy pull-out and viewing. This might mean you need to retrofit these areas or start new with new cabinets. You should always organize a pantry for extra foodstuff, but it doesn’t have to be in the kitchen, if space is at a premium. It can go in a garage or in a shelf by the laundry area. Kitchens also can display more than other rooms without seeming cluttered, by adding a hanging wall or pot rack to display your best copper-bottomed pots and cooking utensils in full view. Keep items off countertops to get that clean look, but make sure they are easily accessible when you need them.

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