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Say “I Do,” to Weddings at Home Ideas

You just got the wonderful news, “there’s going to be a wedding,” …. and it’s at your home!  There’s no cause for panic. Weddings at home ideas are many and we can help get you started. Check out the following to help your home wedding become a beautiful reality.

The Time of Year, Indoor or Outdoor?

  • Start a plan to have the ceremony indoors and the reception outdoors. BUT, you’re planning the wedding, so you make the decisions.
  • Spring and Summer weddings are traditional. Chairs and a canopy tent on your lawn makes for a quick and easy setting. A gazebo makes a beautiful focal point for vows. The bride can follow the path of rose petals across the lawn and up to the vow area. Paved sidewalks can be covered with roll out carpets or painted.
  • Fall weddings have grown due to the beauty of fall mums and seasonal colors. Outdoor or indoor will depend on the weather in your area.
  • Winter weddings at home ideas would most always be indoors, but if you live in a warm climate, outdoors would be fabulous.
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Consider the number of guest attending and how many your home can accommodate indoors and out. An average sized home can accommodate from 50 maybe even 100 guests. A larger home or estate can accommodate many more, but you still want to “know” how many guests will be attending.

Colors, Flowers and Themes Add to a Wedding at Home Ideas.

  • Spring and Summer weddings at home ideas lean towards pastel and summer colors like pink, yellow, orange and white. Attendants holding a single lily are beautiful, elegant and simple  Casual and fun spirited couples may love sunflowers and daisies.
  • Fall and Winter weddings lean towards richer, deep colors like chocolate brown, burgundy, reds and oranges. A winter wedding might best be presented by using blues, silvers and touches of your own crystal and silver.
  • Who says a home wedding cannot be Black Tie?  It’s an elegant look for an evening or holiday home wedding.  Add sophistication with a harpist or string quartet.
  • The Beach or Resort wedding can be pulled off right in your home. Bring in plants and decor that give the “look of the islands” without being there. String lights and paper lanterns and request that guests attire be “resort casual – no closed shoes allowed.” Add music or a ukulele player.
  • Weddings at home ideas for a Western themed event should be fun for everyone. Have the wedding indoors and head out back for the barbeque, bar and country music.

Food, Drinks and All the Rest.

  • Weddings at home ideas for food are best kept simple. Guests will be all over your home, so if you’re doing the food yourself, stick to pre-made, easy to serve or just appetizers.
  • Serving full meals is best done hiring a caterer. Make sure that the caterers know they’re expected to deliver, set up, serve food and clean up.
  • When budgets and kitchen space are limited, wedding at home ideas suggest asking neighbors and friends for help in preparing food at their home and walk it “next door” – your kitchen stays clean and the guests are fed.
  • Drinks will depend on the budget, the homeowners and the soon to be wedded couple. Punch, water and lemonade are just fine for a morning, noon or afternoon wedding. Mimosas, teas and wines are fine, as well.  Evening weddings will depend, again, upon the decisions of all parties. Weddings at home ideas for a “party style” wedding should include consideration to hiring bar tenders or renting drink machines.
  • Borrow chairs from friends, neighbors, your office or church as needed. Consider renting if you need a large number of chairs and tables. They’ll deliver, set up and pick up afterwards.
  • Rental of table cloths, table decor, special lighting and dance floors is a wonderful option when budget allows.

Use What you Have.

  • Take a good look at your home weeks prior of the wedding. If it feels crowded, consider putting a few things in storage or rearranging furniture to allow more flow in the home.
  • Decide where each part of the wedding will take place. In front of the fireplace or windows over looking a flower garden are great places to set up for the vows.
  • Use your dinning room and kitchen tables for the gifts to be placed, the cakes to be cut and guest books. Cover them with table cloths or even nice solid sheets. Add mirrors, flowers and candles to tables to coordinate with the colors and theme of the wedding.
  • Use your potted flowers and shrubs to blend with the “floral” flowers. Even hanging baskets can be taken down and set on pedestals to add color.
  • Weddings at home ideas should include a place for the bride and any attendants to dress, like a bedroom or study.

Let’s Not Forget…

  • Make sure your homeowners insurance is up-to-date and would cover any type of incident you hope “would not” occur.
  • Weddings at home ideas for parking should be planned for. With only 10 to 12 cars, you’re probably fine, but when expecting 25 or more, consider working with a valet service.
  • Inform your neighbors about the wedding for a couple of reasons. First, you would like their property to look nice as your guests arrive and, second, you don’t want to cause any friction with neighbors who don’t know what’s going on and aren’t invited.
  • Note:  Always have a Plan “B” for outdoor weddings in case of rain, such as a rental tent or moving the wedding indoors.

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