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How to Make Your House a Home On Any Budget

If you’re like many people in the housing market today, you might have had to settle for a home you could afford, instead of a home you loved. Lenders are being stingy with mortgages and strict with lending requirements, even though the recession is about over. There are others, sitting on the sideline, hoping to get into the market and trade up, who also wonder when they’ll be able to have the home of their dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice if the home you had could be converted into the home you dream of, with less expense than financing a new house? Luckily, there are ways to help you renovate and decorate your home that will fit any budget out there.

For Small Budgets

If you think you’re priced out of the market for new digs, you just may need to look at different alternatives. Interior homes can be remodeled with new furnishing or just by switching out drapes for the season. Painting walls is a simple weekend project that anyone can afford and the punch of color livens up any space in interior homes. Think cheap materials like fabric, paint, and paper goods to help you change the look inside the home without too much expense. Rearrange the furniture in your house, without spending an extra dime on new ones. This is one way to keep a budget small without holding off on getting interior homes that feel new, with just a little elbow grease. Change out the hardware on cabinets to get a new look for a few dollars. Materials may be inexpensive for small budgets, but don’t underestimate the power of cheap materials to totally transform a space into something luxurious. Floors made of wood laminate these days can successfully pass off as wood floors because the images on them are just that good, but the price is still far below that of a wood floor and they’re not as noisy to walk on.

For Medium Budgets

Medium budgets can accommodate pricier materials, like Corian countertops for the kitchen instead of laminate. Instead of drapes or plastic blinds, one can opt for wood blinds for a sturdier look. Color is still important in designing interior homes that are welcoming and feel brand new, even when they’re older. So, always choose to update the color of a wall or reface cabinets to get a different look without painting. Instead of ripping out a tub, you can reline it. Think about adding things to the surface, above existing structures, to get a new look without having to go through a process of demolition with is costly. Pull out old appliances and buy top-of-the-line appliances to get an instant kitchen facelift. You’ll enjoy those more than anything you do to change the structure or shape of workspace because you use them every day.

For Big Budgets

However, if you do have the money to spare for a remodel, it can be a good idea to renovate an existing home, instead of buying a new home with it. For one thing, you get to stay in the same neighborhood that you’ve come to love over the  years and your kids won’t have to change schools. You can get more space with a remodeling budget, without necessarily having to add an addition – although that’s certainly another option with enough cash in your budget. However, if you just want to get a work area, often a part of the garage, an outdoor shed, or a an extra room can serve the same function. You can enclose 1-season patios and make them 3-season rooms to help you get extra living spaces during the warmer months of the year, without adding solid walls. Your choice of materials can include stone and wood, but that doesn’t mean you have to go that way. If you have a large project, you may want less costly materials so that you can get everything you want done.

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If You Can’t Imagine In, Call In A Professional

You can get quotes for decorating or remodeling work to give you some ideas and to help you get started imagining your new digs. You might decide that you want to convert your garage into a workshop or create a baby room. There are a ton of interior homes professionals out there who can help you decorate or remodel your home. There are mural artists who will paint trompe l’oeil scenes on your walls for a small fee or people who will tile your floors. You can even get some that will install new lighting or add solar tubes and skylights, if that’s what you prefer. Depending on how much you have done and what you have done, you can start seeing results for a few hundred dollars.

When you hire a professional, you get a few benefits that you otherwise won’t have in a DIY project. You’ll be able to hire experts that have years of experience with similar projects who can get the job done quickly and with the best results. They will know where to get materials on discount and provide you with a better choice of materials for your budget. They will carry insurance in case anyone gets hurt on the job. However, you should always check with your own insurer to make sure you are properly covered anytime any remodeling work involves ripping up floors or walls. While some projects are easy to attempt on your own the first time, like painting or changing out furniture and window dressing, you should leave the harder projects to the professionals. If a job like pulling out a bathtub to put in a shower stall fails, you’ll be looking at extra expenses in plumbing, flooring, tiling, and more. Get it done right the first time, and you’ll save money in the long run, while getting to enjoy it much faster than if you had tried to do it on your own.

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