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10 Home Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

Your bedroom is the space you go for rest, which means keeping its décor warm and inviting is essential for receiving optimal peace and comfort. If you are in need of some home decorating ideas for bedrooms in your home, the tips in the guide below can help get you off to the right start.

1. Comfortable Bed and Bedding

Your bed is the place you rest your body and head after along day, or whenever you are filling ill and need some much necessary rest to heal. This means having a comfortable bed for sleeping upon in your bedroom is essential. Having snuggly, bedding such as soft fleece blankets, or cool down comforters with fluffy soft pillows in colors and designs you love most can not only add a beautiful décor to your bedroom, but also provides you with warm and comfort as you sleep.

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2. Paint the Walls in Inviting Colors

Bedroom walls in colors you love will help create an atmosphere you enjoy being in. Cool colors of blue and lavender are outstanding for creating a peaceful calming atmosphere while colors of warm browns, yellows and peaches add warmth and a happy feeling atmosphere. Shades of greens you may want to stay away from since they are energetic colors that tend to keep the mind thinking. The last thing you need is to be thinking when you are trying to get some sleep.

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3. Place Calming Bouquets of Flowers all Around the Room

Cutting fresh lavender flowers and chamomile, and placing them in beautiful vases around the room can help add a pop of color and a lovely calming aroma throughout your bedroom. You could even place dried fragrant bouquets of flowers around the room as well. Flowers help bring nature indoors and nature is extremely healing to the mind, body and spirit. If you are allergic to flowers, stick with leafy green plants to help bring nature indoors.

4. Keeping the Lighting Dim and Mellow

It is never wise to add bright lighting into a bedroom. Keeping the lighting dim and mellow with light fixtures that provide a warming calming light are essential for keeping the atmosphere of the bedroom warming, inviting and calming.

5. Use Blackout Drapes, Shades and Curtains

If you live in an area of the world where sunlight is constant, it is wise to dress your windows in blackout drapes, shades and curtains to keep sunlight out. Just make sure the drapes match your decor properly.

6. Fill the Walls with Calming Happy Photos

The walls of your bedroom should be dressed with love. This means hanging photos of love ones up in beautiful homey picture frames or photos of calming images such as the ocean, herbal gardens, a sunset or whatever it is that brings calmness and happiness to you.

7. Add Proper Flooring

Carpets are horrible for bedrooms because they collect so much debris such as allergens, odors and bacteria. Placing hardwood floors down in a bedroom keeps it inviting and clean. However, it is wise to toss some area rugs down near the bed to add some warm and comfort. After all, nothing is worse than getting out of bed and stepping on cold flooring.

8. Add Earthy Scented Candles

Adding earthy scented and designed candles with leaves, twigs and dried herbs within them can help bring a natural kind of calmness to the bedroom. Just make sure the candles are away from areas that are unsafe and away from things so you can light them safely if you choice to do so. Earthly fragrant candles also help add a pleasant calming aroma to the bedroom, which is especially true if they are in scents of sandalwood and lavender.

9. Keep Bedroom Furniture Rustic and Natural

Bedroom furniture that is rustic and natural in shades the wood of the furniture is suppose to be keeps a bedrooms looking natural and peaceful just as in nature. If you must decorate the furniture in paints or stains, keep them natural and warm appearing, and ensure they flow with the rest of your room’s décor. Painting furniture in bright colors of red and orange will create a busy feeling in the bedroom and this you want to stay away from.

10. Add Fish Bowls

Adding fish bowls with live fish in areas of your bedroom adds a calming element and natural décor piece to the bedroom. Just make sure you place the fish bowls in places they can be seen without being knocked off and make sure the fish bowl is designed with smooth rocks and live plants so the fish can have a happy calming environment to live in as well while they provide peace and calmness to you. Home decorating ideas for bedrooms such as this is simple, affordable and pleasurable.

End Notes for Home Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

Anytime you are trying to come up with home decorating ideas for the bedrooms it is best to keep them simple and natural to keep your bedroom as calming and inviting as possible so proper rest and healing can be received when needed. It also helps to be creative and to add décor pieces to your bedroom that you love and represents you as a person. After all, your bedroom is your own personal space and you should love the way it looks and feels. If your in need of more home decorating ideas for bedrooms in your home do research online or ask an interior designer for help and advice.

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