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Home Waterfall Ideas And Considerations

If you have a home that seems to be lacking that extra special something, consider adding a waterfall. There’s a diverse array of home waterfall options available that can be uniquely customized to the specifics of just about every type of home. Let’s take a look at some home waterfall ideas and important considerations.

Homeowners who plan on building a home waterfall will need to focus on two structures. These are the waterfall’s cascading structure and the pool into which the water actually falls and accumulates. The cascading element is often the more challenging of the two. Rocks are typically used to build it, many of which can be found right in your own backyard. When these two structures are built, you’ll need to connect a pump to the pond so that the water circulates back toward the waterfall’s top.

Home Waterfall Ideas And Considerations

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When choosing your waterfall style, you’ll need to decide on how high it can be. If you have a naturally built slope on your property, take advantage of it to make the construction process easier. Or, you can erect an artificial slope, commonly called a berm. Flexible liner must be put in place on the ground between the pond and the top of the waterfall so that water can be easily channeled. The liner is hidden and held in place with large rocks.

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Always keep the waterfall in scale with its pond and build the pond with more depth where the waterfall’s output hits to avoid splashing. Leaving a hollow area behind the falls will create a more peaceful sound. If you want a small waterfall, consider using pre-caste concrete to substitute for the stone of the cascading structure. These are simple to install and can easily stack over the pond’s edge.

Garden Style Waterfalls: Formal And Informal Varieties

Garden style waterfalls provide a wonderful aesthetic and intimate sounds. They can be built in either an informal or formal style. Formal garden waterfalls are built to resemble a staircase. They typically have sharp right angles and are made with poured concrete, bricks and blocks of stone. Informal garden waterfalls are built to resemble nature’s waterfalls that form spontaneously. These are more raw and organic in terms of aesthetics and are typically built with gravel, rocks, driftwood and boulders. When deciding between these two garden waterfall styles, choose the one that matches the look of your garden and home the best.

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Ground Level Waterfalls

Ground level waterfalls have a wonderful natural look that will nicely complement any home. They require a dirt mound, assorted rocks, a pool line, shrubs and plants. While a ground level waterfall won’t be as spectacular as a garden waterfall or a swimming pool waterfall, it will provide a captivating backyard visual with a pleasurable sound.

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls look spectacular and are much easier to construct than most homeowners would imagine. They form a backyard focal point that is incredibly stunning. When deciding where to place your rock waterfall, pick out an area of your yard where you can build a level of rocks. This will allow water to flow with ease from the top toward the bottom.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Perhaps the most stunning style of home waterfall, the swimming pool waterfall works in coordination with a backyard’s inground swimming pool. If your swimming pool isn’t enclosed on any side by a wall, you can have an artificial waterfall installed by the pool’s footsteps. If your swimming pool is enclosed on any of its sides, a glorious waterfall can be built right on that wall.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls in Home

Pond Waterfalls

If you have a garden or especially beautiful green space in your yard, consider building an artificial pond in one of its corners. Once your pond is in place, construct a pond waterfall with a high rock wall that permits water to spill through the rocks and down into the garden’s pond.

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