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Fantastic Home Trim Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking to accent rooms in your house and help separate the painted walls from the ceiling? If so, there really is nothing better than new home trim ideas. From installing new fixtures to paint colors, there is no shortage to options you have, and best of all, there is an option for any budget as well. So, instead of looking at that blank wall in your living room or dining room, integrate one of these home trim ideas and you are sure to fall in love with the room, all over again.

Crown Molding

If you have some extra time and money, installing crown molding around the trim is truly a beautiful way to improve the way any home looks. This elegant design is going to help set your house apart and it also increases the value of the home as well, so if you are considering selling your house sometime in the future, installing crown molding is the way to go. There are several different variations of crown molding you can install around the intersection of the wall and ceiling, so you always have options to fit the look and style of the house.

Fantastic Home Trim Ideas for Your Home

Scale Down the Industrial Look

Do you live in an industrial style apartment or home where there is tons of exposed brick and maybe even the ductwork in the ceiling? If so, this is a fantastic look, but it can also become a bit overpowering as well. To scale down the industrial look while still staying true to the roots of the construction, you can install a bright, white trim around windows and door frames. This is going to open up the room and bring in a nice, finished look, accenting the industrial look. You can use a white trim around the base of the walls as well for a truly beautiful and upscale living area. This is another way to improve the value of your home as well, as with the industrial look mixed with the sophisticated trim, it is going to attract both people who like industrial settings and those who like a traditional feel as well.

Wall Trim

Typically, trim work is more decorative than anything else. However, there is one exception you might want to consider: chair rail. A chair rail trim is a lip of trim that is positioned about hip to lower chest level and is designed to prevent chairs from pushing up and damaging the wall. There is also a picture rail you can install that is great for positioning and hanging photographs and artwork. This way, you can keep all of your images and art even at all times. Of course, if you have a deep chair rail, this can function as a picture rail as well. This sort of trim adds a beautiful look of sophistication to your room, plus it adds function as well, which makes it an excellent upgrade for your home.

Stock Cabinets to Built-Ins

If there is one thing people love about custom homes, it is the built-ins. However, this is an expensive upgrade that you probably do not want to take on. However, it is actually possible for you to take stock cabinets and convert them into built-ins. By using a trim or crown moulding, you can position the cabinets in the desired position and install the trim and crown molding around the cabinets and onto the wall, so it flows perfectly. With paint, you now have built-ins and nobody is going to know the difference. However, your pocket book is going to thank you with the increase in home value, should you sell the house.

Accent Points

If you don’t want to installing molding but want to accent the room, simply paint the trim in your home with either a nice white, or a color that is going to accent the color of your wall with added interest.

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