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Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

Some people want to renovate the exterior of their home because they are planning to sell it and want the best possible look. Still others just decide to spruce up the outside of their home for the fun of it. The outside of your home is the first thing most people see. Make sure it gives a good lasting first impression.

The first thing you should consider before starting any home renovation project is how much budget you have to contribute to your project. Looking at ideas for renovating and redecorating can be exciting and a fun way to spend a weekend. But after going into a store and spending hours looking at different ideas, only to find out you do not have enough money is depressing. So before even beginning to look at items stop and evaluate how much money you have to spend.

Exterior before home renovation

Exterior before home renovation

After realizing how much you have, it is time to begin figuring out how much things cost. A total renovation can cost thousands of dollars. But a simple fixer upper or weekend project can be way more affordable than a major renovation. Especially if you use things you already have around your home. Using free labor in the form of friends or family members can help save money too. Obviously some things need professional help or may even require contractors or special licenses. These include things like digging or installing wires or plumbing.

Exterior after home renovation

Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

Exterior after home renovation

Here are some exterior home renovation ideas:

Yard Renovation

Many people think of exterior renovations and immediately begin to focus on the exterior of the actual building. But the front yard is a simple yet effective place to begin an exterior renovation. The back yard is also a good area to consider fixing up. For example, consider putting up a fence or if you have one already, fixing up the one already there. If you have the budget for a deck or other outdoor fixtures, the backyard is a great place. Many people spend most of their time lounging in the back instead of the front. Family gatherings and cookouts also tend to take place in the backyard.

Another idea is doing some landscaping. For example, planting some flowers in particular areas around the house or the edges of the yard is a great idea that doesn’t take much.  If you have a sidewalk, consider adding lighting to the sides. If you do not have a sidewalk, now may be the time to add one. It does not have to involve calling in a cement truck or pouring it yourself. Instead you can purchase bricks or outdoor tiles and create a walkway to your front door or to your backyard.

Siding or Painting

Sometimes a home may need a lot more work done than one expects. If the exterior of the actual building is in disrepair, than that may be the biggest expense. Depending on the structure and design of your home, replacing the siding or external covering of your home may be necessary. Seneca Creek Roofing can help you decide what kind of siding will be needed and help you get it installed. However, this is one area that while a huge expense, can completely change the look of your home.

Siding or Painting on Home Renovation

Siding or Painting on Home Renovation 2

If your home needs to be painted, then choosing a color that is inviting or unique can add to the overall appeal of your home. However, keep in mind that if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, there may be restrictions. Check with your neighborhood association (or in some cases, your city rules) about what is allowed.

Doors and Window

External doors see a lot of activity. Between being exposed to the elements of all four seasons, to the in and out traffic of a home, the front door sees it all. Sometimes though, the door shows the wear and tear of all this more than any other area of the home. A new front door is not a small expense, but it is certainly one of the less expensive ones. This may be the perfect time to change the look of your door, whether it be the style or just the color. Even if you do not change the entire door, adding something a simple as a new door knocker can add a new feel.

Doors and Window on Home Renovation

Windows can be spruced up too. Renovating the entire window can be pricey. So consider just changing the front of the house, since that is the area most people will see when first coming to your home. Another idea is to just add window shutters to your home.

Little Touches

Things like mailboxes with a theme, different lighting styles and even a simple doormat can change the outside look of your home. If you have a staircase leading to your front door or patio, changes can even be made to that. Changing the banister to something decorative or painting the actual steps can make a huge difference in the visual appeal of the front of your home. A lot of things can be done on a small scale if you want to stay to a lower budget.

Consider all the different things that can be done to renovate the exterior of your home and then have fun!

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