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Great Home Bar Ideas & Why You Should Use Them

If you have lots of great home bar ideas but nowhere to implement them, it might be time to build a bar. You can build it in the basement, the den or even outside in its own little building. Building a bar does require commitment and money, of course, but building your own bar can be very rewarding. For those of you that are having trouble making up your mind (or convincing your spouse), here are ten reasons that you should build a bar in your home.

1. You Like to Drink: The best reason to have your own bar is, you like to drink. When you decide that you want a martini, shaken, not stirred, to drink with your James Bond movie marathon, you won’t have far to go.

2. Your Spouse Likes to Drink: If your spouse likes mixed drinks, especially expensive ones that bars charge an arm and a leg for, then you’ll both be pleased with your own bar. You can mix drinks for a fraction of the cost and even have a great place to sit and enjoy them.

3. You Are The Bartender: That’s right, buddy. You’re the bartender and that means you can have whatever you want. Mix up a brand new concoction and enjoy it with friends. You’ll never have to worry about your bartender shorting you on the alcohol portion of your drinks, and as an added bonus you can’t even be tossed out if you drink too much.

4. You Own The Joint: Yep, you’re the owner and the bartender and that means that it’s time for a party. Invite over some friends after you have built a bar. Use some of the great home bar ideas that you can find on many design blogs and websites and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Or perhaps the toast.

5. You Never Have to Drive Home: No more leaving your car at the bar and paying cab fare to get home. When you or your body decides that you’ve had enough, you just have a short walk to your bedroom and your pillow.

Great Home Bar Ideas

Home Bar DesignDesigned By Randy Jeff Coat Builders

6. The Bar Will Never be Too Full For You: Don’t you hate it when you arrive at your favorite bar only to find that it’s college night and every seat is taken, and it is standing room only. You either have to fight your way through the crowd to order a drink. Not so if you have your own bar. Great home bar ideas like outlawing college night forever will be entirely up to you.

7. Your Guests Might Want a Drink: One day, you may have a guest in your home that you want to impress. Asking him what he or she drinks, and then making it for them, no matter how unusual, will set you apart from other guys who just have a liquor cabinet to choose from.

8. You Like The Look of a Bar: A great reason to buy a bar is that you really like how a bar looks. If your basement or another room in your house would look even better with a bar installed, then it might be time to build one. If you decide at some point to sell the home in the future, the bar will add value to the home and raise the asking price.

9. You Don’t Know What to Do With All of That Alcohol: Maybe your alcohol is spilling out of your liquor cabinets and you keep putting your vermouth and vodka in random kitchen cabinets because there is nowhere else to store. That’s when you should think about building your own home bar. There are so many great home bar ideas that incorporate a lot of storage space.

10. Bar Bathrooms vs Your Bathroom: There really isn’t anything that needs to be said. Anyone who has been inside a bar bathroom understands perfectly.

So there you are. Ten good reasons to build your own bar and incorporate your favorite great home bar ideas. You’ll build value in your home, and everyone will be jealous of your ability to make any drink at any time. Plus, You’ll own a bar.

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