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Great Ikea Home Planning Ideas

From the very beginning, Ikea has continually provided consumers with a wide variety of quality, yet affordable home furnishings, appliances, storage solutions and home accessories to as many people in the world as conceivably possible. The Ikea brand is infamous when it comes to producing and providing stylish, functional and environmentally-friendly products to their customers for a mere fraction of what competitors sell similar products for. When talking about Ikea’s overall vision, nothing more really needs to be considered. They just want “to create a better everyday life for the many people” in this world.

Great Ikea Home Planning Ideas

The Kitchen

The first distinction of Ikea kitchen cabinets, appliances and countertops is the consistent affordability. Whatever your interior design style, Ikea has what you are looking for. Colored cabinets are definitely something to consider, though this may not be for everyone. If in the brainstorming process, skim through magazines such as Architectural Digest or Better Homes and Gardens and after finding some kitchens that stand out, cut the picture out from the magazine and make a collage of your favorite kitchens including floors, cabinets, countertops, appliances and the like.

ikea kitchen picture

Focus on the cut out kitchens that look very similar and tear all the others off. What is it about the similar looking kitchens? Is it the color palette? What about the cabinet style? Once you figure out what is similar about each picture, make a list of what you would like your kitchen to have in it. Be very detailed up to the knobs and pulls of each cabinet and drawer.

This process of elimination can be used for every current or future room in your current or future house. It is a great way to really know exactly what you like in order to not be indecisive, especially when the tilers are just finishing up your bathroom’s splash back wall!

Child’s Bedroom

If a child or two are in your family, especially if they are six and above, do not expect to have much say in what goes into their rooms. Your child will want to be heavily involved in the choice of wall color, type of floor, what color carpet or rug, what kind of bed and whether there should be curtains, blinds or both for their windows. Their room is their haven; they own their room, even though you know this isn’t the case. Of course, they do not pay you rent for occupying their room, so why can’t you have as much say as them?

ikea child's bedroom

The only advice that can be given is that you should give your kid some freedom and let them choose most of the decor for their room. After all, they are the ones who have to spend the most time within those four, special walls. Above all, try to have fun with the whole process with your children. They’ll appreciate your patience.

The Bathrooms

Most houses have more than one bathroom, especially if you are building your own home from scratch. This is mainly for convenience purposes, but some just cannot pick just one bathroom design, so they build multiple bathrooms to satisfy their design needs.

ikea bathroom

When considering the interior of your bathroom, Ikea offers many modern, as well as semi-traditional fixtures, accessories and lighting. Mirrors are a very important addition to any bathroom. Ikea has a wide range of mirrors. Bath mats and rugs are another functional addition to the decor of a bathroom. Why not make the design decisions fun and pick the products that really speak to you.

These three main rooms of your house will be the most fun to decorate!


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