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Choose the Right Bathtub for More Comfortable Bathe

Soaking in the bathtub was able to make the body become relaxed. But, not just any bathtub suitable placed in your bathroom.

Bathtub known to many as a tub for soaking. Generally, these tubs are made from acrylic or fiberglass with various variants of shapes and sizes. There are also variations of other materials such as enamel-coated metal or wood that was given a water resistant coating.

Based on its use there are two varieties of the bathtub, namely, the Western and Eastern styles. Western style bathtubs used in the position of lying so that its shape is more superficial and lengthy. While the Eastern style bathtubs, commonly known as Ofuro in Japan, used in an upright sitting position so the shape is deeper and short.

Choose the Right Bathtub for More Comfortable Bathe

luxury bathtub

natural and beautiful bathtub

Western style bathtub

In addition to the two varieties, there is also a wide variety of the bathtub forms. Be smart in choosing the right shape to put in your bathroom.

The most common is a regular bathtub, i.e. rectangular bathtub that can be placed anywhere. The size is also varied, can be customized to the needs. There is also a bathtub-shaped angled, so it can save space. For a wider area, can use a circle shaped bathtub which gives effect to the luxurious bathroom.

ofuro bathtub

ofuro japan bathtub from wood - outdoor

ofuro japan bathtub from wood

There is also a type known as a clawfoot because its shape is not tied up in the room and have some sort of ‘feet’ on the bottom. This shape has been used since the classical era and generally decorated with ornaments typical of that period, therefore suitable for classic bathroom style.

white clawfoot bathtub

clawfoot bathtub

In addition to the variety of its shape, the bathtub also has facilities are as diverse as hot tub (bathtub equipped with a heater) and whirlpool (equipped with air bubbles that spouted by the pump). All have advantages and uniqueness of each, just choose that suit the size and style of the bathroom in the House.

You can put a bathtub on outdoor, so it’s look more elegant like this…

elegant bathtub at outdoor

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