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Minimalist Design Makes Bedrooms Fabulous

You look around your bedroom and chances are you see a lot of clutter. Or, if you don’t, you probably just signed a lease or a mortgage and haven’t yet moved any furniture into your new space. What many new occupants will do with regards to their space is bring the furniture they had in their previous home into the new space. This, from a design perspective, is a terrible mistake. A well-designed home is built to take advantage of the area’s characteristics and that uniformity of purpose should also carry into the interior space.

Here are great bedroom design photos — by UP Interiors, these design will help you to get more inspirations for your bedroom.

Caribbean style bedroom by Richard Lindvall - beach style bedroom other metroCaribbean style bedroom design by Richard Lindvall
Bedroom with white shutters Fulham House by Daniel Lee scandinavian bedroom londonElegant bedroom with white shutters – In the ‘Fulham House’ by Daniel Lee – Photo by Rory Gardiner
Bedroom with mirror box Grand St Loft by Amee Allsop scandinavian bedroom new yorkThis great bedroom designed with mirror box – In the ‘Grand St Loft’ by Amee Allsop – Photo by Glen Allsop
Santorini apartments by Kapsimalis Architects scandinavian bedroom other metroSantorini apartments bedroom with white style – by Kapsimalis Architects – Photo by Julia Klimi

Too often, occupants will ignore the lines, materials and setting of their dwelling and just focus on what comes up in real estate listings, such as square footage or the number of closets. When you have the ability to consider a wider array of options, or to consult with an interior design expert, you will be able to envision an entirely new set of possibilities for your space. The bedrooms of a home are certainly no exception.

Bedroom Adaptation of a forge by Loft Szczecin scandinavian bedroom other metroTraditional bedroom design – Adaptation of a forge by Loft Szczecin – Photo by Karolina Bąk
Bedroom with Moon suspension lamp In the hotel Norma by Patrizia Sbalchiero mediterranean other metroSimple bedroom design with Moon suspension lamp – This bedroom in the hotel “N’orma” by Patrizia Sbalchiero

Cozy bedroom scandinavian bedroom other metroA professional interior designer will look at your bedroom and try to incorporate as much function as possible into the form. The purpose of each element lends meaning to its shape and appearance. If you like the way a lamp or dresser looks in the catalog and that prompts you to purchase it, you may find out that it has an entirely different effect once it is placed in your room.

Loft bedroom with rustic beams Vedbaek House II by NormArchitects scandinavian bedroom other metroLoft bedroom design with rustic beams – Vedbaek House II by Norm Architects – Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
scandinavian bedroom designLuxury Bedroom – Photo by Anna Malmberg
Mid century minimalist bedroom midcentury bedroom austinMid-century minimalist bedroom design – Photo by Adrienne Breaux
Master bedroom with whitewashed Douglas fir floor and a balcony scandinavian bedroom new yorkElegant and modern master bedroom with whitewashed Douglas-fir floor and a balcony overlooking the tree canopy – Red Dirt Rd House by Amee Allsop – Photo by Glen Allsop

Bedrooms, in particular, require a depth of care and consideration as they are a location in your home where you spend a large amount of time. Aside from sleeping, it is not uncommon to spend time in your bedroom studying, meditating or just relaxing in the middle of a day. An uncluttered space with a high-efficiency concept will lend itself naturally to peacefulness and stillness of mind for you as the occupant.

Sun soaked bedroom with high window Apartment in Stora Nygatan 3 Gothenburg midcentury bedroom other metroSun-soaked bedroom design with high window – This elegant Apartment in Stora Nygatan 3, Gothenburg
Loft bedroom with rustic wood beams and roof windows Humlebaek House by NormAr scandinavian bedroom other metroLoft bedroom design with rustic wood beams and roof windows in the Humlebaek House – by Norm Architects
White bedroom scandinavian bedroom other metroWhite bedroom design – Photo by Mikko Ryhänen
Modern bedroom in Dekos House MajaModern bedroom interior in Deko’s House Maja

When you decide that a modern, peaceful and sophisticated design is what you want for the bedrooms in your home, you’ll want to center the room’s appearance around contrasting light and dark colors, with an emphasis on white. Another staple in the minimalist design scheme is the use of organic materials. You might choose to accentuate your white-boxed floors, walls, and ceilings with a sandalwood furniture set and a wicker rug. Then, for a pop of color and keeping with the organic theme, find a slender elephant plant reaching out of a matching wicker planter.

Minimalist bedroom scandinavian bedroom other metroMinimalist bedroom design – Photo by Jakob Nylund
Light filled guest room Vedbaek House I by NormArchitects scandinavian bedroom other metroLight-filled guest room design in the Vedbæk House I by Norm Architects – Photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Attic bedroom in black and light wood tones Raaman House by Claesson Koivisto Ru scandinavian bedroom other metroAttic bedroom design in black and light wood tones in the Råman House by Claesson Koivisto Rune – Photo by Lindman Photography

Some would argue that predominantly-white minimalist design can come off a bit boring when you consider the vast array of colors, materials, and styles available for the new occupant of a space. Boring, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. If you are a very colorful person and couldn’t ever feel happy in a minimalist room, then you have your decision made for you.

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