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Creative Bed Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

Creating a comfortable and expressive space in cramped quarters can be a daunting task. With these bed decor ideas, you’ll have your own personal oasis in no time (without destroying your bank account.)


Every square foot counts when you’re downsizing. This is the perfect opportunity to choose those pieces of art, furniture, and clothing that you really cherish, and let all the others go. Giving them away or putting them in storage isn’t only great for your peace of mind, it increases the density of things you truly love to wake up to.

Use What You’ve Got

Hate to get rid of that dresser your grandma left you, but the color just doesn’t fit in with the look your bed decor? Still living off your college thrift store purchases? A simple coat of paint or some contact wall paper can go a long way. Choose your color scheme and bed decor theme, then bring those pieces of furniture up to date with your own creative hand!

Creative Bed Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Even if you’re less Picasso and more grade school finger painting expert, you can create pleasing and complimentary pieces of art for your bedroom. Nothing spruces up a bare wall quite like a splash of color on a canvas! Pick up a blank canvas and a stencil that you enjoy at your local arts and crafts store, then get to work making a simple, monochromatic masterpiece using inexpensive acrylic paints from the same color family. Pop it into a canvas frame, or hang it on the wall as is for a modern look.

Expressive Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another great way to add a bit of color and personality to a minimalist bedroom. And who doesn’t love a good pillow? Look for colors that accent your scheme, or patterns that are unique and fun. If you want to get a little more hands on (and use some of those tee-shirts you got rid of earlier), you can even find an easy sewing pattern online and get to work on those old team shirts and worn sweaters. Fabric can go a long way to make a space cozier and more inviting!

Simple Bed Decor Ideas

With Enough Work, Anything Can be a Lamp

Anyone can be a technician with the right tools. Head down to your local home improvement store for a few tips on how to add lighting to your new room! Have fun turning your favorite hardback book, that beloved childhood teddy bear, or your favorite label of wine into a reading lamp you’ll enjoy for years. Choose a lampshade in a complimenting color, or even hand stencil a simple one for an extra personal touch.

Creative Bed Decor Ideas for Small Spaces at Night

The More Storage, the better

All the bed decor ideas in the world are no match for that pile of dirty laundry or that stack of bills you’ve been meaning to file away. Clever storage receptacles can make all the difference! Imagine every place that never sees the light of day in your room as a storage opportunity.  Under the bed plastic containers are a great place for shoes and off season wardrobe, a well sized and flexible hamper can slide right under your hanging clothes in your closet, and a medium sized tasteful ottoman not only provides excellent seating for a reading corner, it can also store all the miscellaneous things that you love but don’t always need.

With these bed decor ideas and just a few creative hours, you’ll have a space you can look forward to sleeping in.  Your bedroom is best when it’s an expression of you, so choose your favorite colors and a few personal touches for the perfect room!

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