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How to Turn Your Beach Home Ideas Into Reality

Having a beach house is something that several people dream about. It doesn’t get much better than relaxing in a chair either on the beach itself or on the pouch of your beach house. However, after you purchase your beach house the fun doesn’t end there. The next step is to decorate your house. Whether you have a house that is on the beach of have a house and just like beach themes, this article is one you are sure to enjoy. Below is a list of decorating and beach home ideas to take your dreams and turn them into reality.

1. Choosing the Right Colors

Chances are if you have chosen to move to the beach or give your home a beach feeling, you like crisp colors with accents. One of the best ways to give your home a beachy feeling is to implicate beach colors into your beach home ideas. This can be done a few different ways. One being that of furniture. Though it may get dirty easier ones of the best ways to give your living quarters a beachy feeling is to go with light and even better, white, furniture. So you may think white is bland and that’s okay. However, it’s easy to break up that bright white with a few accent pillows and even throws. When picking your accent products remember to stay along the line of sea colors, this means light blues and greens. However, you can also throw in some pale yellows as this represents the sun. In no time you will have your ideas turned into a nice beach feeling home.

Wave beach house contemporary exterior los angelesDesigned by Mark Dziewulski Architect – Malibu Beach, California

Wave beach house contemporary dining room los angeles

2. Open and Airy

Being on the beach gives you the feeling of a wide open space. Therefore, to give your home this feeling as well you need to make sure you give an open and airy feeling. You can do this by adding lots of windows to your plan when writing up your beach home ideas. Windows and plenty of them will not only cut your electric bill by not needing to use as many lights, but it will also give you a nice fresh breeze as well.

Wave beach house contemporary deck los angeles

modern wave beach house contemporary deck los angeles

If you already have a beach home or a home you want to give a beach feeling no worries, there are other ways to give it an open and airy feeling without doing a remodel to save money. You can do this by clearing out any clutter. Though you think the clutter isn’t bad, it can really bring down the energy of the room. Therefore, just clean out any extra furniture that isn’t being used, remove any piles of books and paper, or anything else that is just taking up room. After you have done that, brighten your window treatments with something light and sheer and in no time you will start seeing a difference.

3. Art and Decorations

Though your beach house is just that, a beach house. It doesn’t mean that you have to decorate with seashells and sand. Remember that in order to be happy with your home, you need to be happy with its contents. Don’t be scared to bring in your favorite masterpieces because you don’t feel they go with the decor. It’s okay, frame it in a matching yet minimal frame and it will look like it was made for your beach house.

wave beach home contemporary bedroom los angeles

wave beach house contemporary bathroom los angeles

There are several different types of art you can look into for your beach home ideas, however, the decision on what you put in your home is yours. It needs to be something you can stand seeing on a daily basis. The same goes with the decorations such as table arrangements and flowers. This is the stuff that gives your home a personal touch.

4. Consider Your Floors

The floors of your beach home are more important than you may think. They will see so much foot traffic that it is important to choose something that is going to be able to hold up against the sand and salt water you will track in every day. You can talk to you construction team on what is the best flooring for you. However, in the mean time think about throwing down some rugs for easy clean up and a glamour look. Rugs come in several different sizes and styles. Choose something that matches the rest of your interior, but has a beachy feel as well.

Wave beach house contemporary entry los angeles.jpg

5. Use The Resources

Decorating can be hard on the budget. The great thing about having a beach home is that you can get all your beach home ideas from right on the beach itself. Go on a walk to find shells, starfish and sand dollars. Not only will it make you feel great about saving money, but you will be bringing part of the beach into your home. You can take these treasures and make them a focal point of your room. Your guest will love looking at them and you will love telling the story of how you came across them on your own.

wave beach house contemporary kitchen los angeles.jpg

6. Make It Personal

Just because you feel the need to follow a certain beach decor code, does not mean you have to. this after all isn’t your just beach house, but your house as well. Make it your own by hanging family pictures, showcasing keepsakes, and using colors you love. There are no set rules to follow when decorating your home. The most important thing is that you are happy with it.

Don’t let the pressure of turning your beach home ideas into reality overwhelm you. Remember to take your time and you will soon realize that your beach home is just what you have always dreamed of. There are several companies out there that will be willing to help you make your dream home come to life. Above are just 6 simple ideas to help get your beach home ideas rolling. Feel free to use any and all that you wish.

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