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Beautiful Home Restoration Inside and Out

When working on home restoration, it’s important to think about what works and doesn’t before taking anything out. Completing a complete home inspection before any demolition occurs is critical to ensure redesigning is taking place in conjunction with renovation and reconstruction.

Douglass – this San Francisco home was expanded, redesigned and repainted.

Douglass home transitional exterior san franciscoDouglass  House – Designed by Chr DAUER Architects

Douglass house transitional entry san francisco 

Its exterior was completely scraped before repainting.

Douglass house transitional patio san franciscoDouglass – in comparison to this modern landscape, the colors lend itself well against the minimalistic facade.

Douglass home transitional patio san francisco 

Use of warm tones further brings in the natural elements of the surrounding environment and creates a soothing retreat.

Douglass house transitional kitchen san franciscoInside, the same calming effect is found in the “Great Kitchen” through the use of open spaces, recessed lights, pendant lighting over the island, and neutral colors.

Douglass transitional dining room san franciscoBringing the outdoors in is achieved through the use of large sliding glass doors.

Douglass transitional kitchen san franciscoThe addition of windows in unexpected areas of the kitchen also helps brighten up the space.

Douglass transitional kitchen at san franciscoClean lines throughout add a modern flair to this renovation’s design, while hints of whimsy are found through the addition of glass in the cabinetry.

Douglass house transitional dining room san franciscoTradition meets luxury in the open dining area as the hardwood flooring expands throughout, the neutral color tones continue to soothe, and plush furnishings invite.

Douglass transitional living room san francisco Upon entering the living room, guests are greeted with a mix of modern furnishings and design coupled with traditional architecture.

Douglass home transitional living room san franciscoThe expansive windows throughout the living room illuminate the entire area.

Douglass transitional powder room san franciscoThe powder room contains all the traditional architectural flair including a pedestal sink, as well as molding throughout.

Douglass transitional staircase san franciscoThis San Francisco home wouldn’t be complete without a transitional staircase with a bookcase beneath.

Douglass transitional bedroom kids san franciscoThe contemporary style children’s room on the second floor doesn’t disappoint, either, complete with large windows allowing for plenty of light, as well as built-in bookcases.

Douglass transitional bathroom san franciscoThe renovation includes a modern bathroom with all the bells’ and whistles, including a rain shower.

Douglass transitional bedroom san franciscoThe master bedroom on the second floor also features a traditional style coupled with a neutral color palette, as well as plenty of windows for natural lighting.

Douglass house transitional bedroom san francisco A “his and hers” closet is also an incredible addition to this renovation plan.

Douglass transitional hall san franciscoThe old-style attic latter was removed for safety reasons and replaced with one that’s not only safer to climb, but also more aesthetically pleasing.

Douglass transitional basement san franciscoThis renovation wouldn’t be complete without a transitional basement remodel. In this case, it transitions from a family room into a guest room.

Douglass transitional deck san franciscoThe transitional deck is perfect for family barbecues, as well as large group entertaining. As you can see with this Douglass home renovation, there are many options you can consider before your next home remodeling project. It’s possible to make your next home beautiful from the inside and out, as well as from room to room.

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