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Colorful Class Interior, A New Take on The Classics

You home is your castle and there is nothing more inviting than a wonderfully staged and designed space. Colorful Class by designer Christina Garcia brings the classic style that we all love and jazzes it up with some beautiful color and punchy pieces.

One note family rooms may serve their purpose but they are far from the breathtaking masterpieces that we see every day in magazines and no television. The Family room featured here is bold yet subdued and has some beautiful points of interest. With furniture that is at once interesting and neutral, this space screams modern while embodying the classic style we are all used to. The focal point is the fireplace and the bold painting and the accent color strewn around the room.

Colorful Class mediterranean living room with fireplaceColorful Class – Designer: Christina Garcia, Photographer: Dan Piassick – Dallas Design Group

Colorful Class transitional fireplace designBathrooms can get boring but with some beautiful focal pieces like the bold reds of the painting here it can be interesting. The dark wood and patterned tile is stunning and helps to pull the room together while setting it apart from other bathrooms that we typically see. The room is at once classic and modern and beautiful all the same. Adding this type of interest to your home is easy and can help update even the most boring spaces.

Colorful Class mediterranean bathroom

Colorful Class transitional bathroom

Colorful Class transitional powder roomThe kitchen is the heart of any home and a wonderfully designed kitchen can make every meal special. With richly hued floors, beautiful dark wood beam accents, and warm toned marble, the entire room feels warm and inviting. A splash of color here and there in the artwork and in the range hood make for a stunning accent that makes the room that much more interesting and appealing.

Colorful Class transitional kitchen design

Colorful Class mediterranean kitchen + dining table designYour bedroom is often the place you go for sanctuary and relaxation and adding colorful accents with neutral bedding and furniture can make for a stunning mix. These accents make your room fun and add interest without overpowering the room and without drawing too much attention. You can still have a fun and beautiful design without overdoing it and without adding too much color. These small accents can also tie the house together with a recurring theme throughout.

Colorful Class transitional bedroomBold colors like the orange of amber glass sinks can make your bathroom much more beautiful without adding too much or being too gaudy. Keeping a fairly neutral color palette in the rest of the room paired with one or two larger statement pieces can make any room instantly more appealing and can take a boring design and make it interesting and innovative.

No matter how you decide to add color to your home, add whatever colors make you happy. Adding an accent here or there or adding one color throughout your home can tie the design together and can help make any home more interesting and closer to those stunning rooms that we see in magazines and on television every day. Color has the ability to transform a room, transform a home, and transform your life if you simply give it the chance to make a difference.

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