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10 Cottage Home Decorating Ideas

Cottages are designed to be warm and inviting as well as homey and comforting. If you are in need of cottage home decorating ideas, to help give your place a new makeover the ideas below should help get you started.

Here are 10 great ideas for cottage home decorating

1. Bring in the Natural Light

Bringing in the natural light can simply be done by providing your windows with a little bit of treatment. You do this by freshening up the window trim with a bright and cheery color such as white paint, light yellows, beiges and light blues. Colors like this help the natural light shining through the windows appear brighter, which helps the rooms in your cottages look brighter and more spacious too. Even adding light colored curtains and getting rid of pull down shades can help drastically as well.

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2. Add Cozy Slipcovers to Sofas and Chairs

Adding cozy slipcovers in warm inviting colors or flannel plaid or even floral print can help make the sitting area of a cottage calming, comforting and relaxing to all that come and enjoy this space with you. Slipcovers can be hand sewn or purchases from home good stores on clearance to help save you money if you are on a tight budget.

3. Decorate with Vases and Fresh Cut Flowers

Cutting fresh flowers from the gardens of spring, summer and fall, and bringing them indoors and placing them in vases can help bring nature indoors. This helps add color and a beautiful floral fragrance to your home that air fresheners cannot provide. During winter months, you could always purchase fresh cut flowers from floral shops or the grocery store just so you can have them year round. Empty antique vase up on shelves or as table centerpieces also provide some beautiful décor to a cozy country house. If you are on a tight budget, take some old wine bottles and hand paints them to look like vases instead or use tall wide mouth mason jars instead. Frosted glass paints also help create homemade vases also.

4. Hang Freshly Dried Flower Boutiques on Doors

Once your freshly cut flowers begin to die, pull them out of the vase of water, trim an inch of the stems, tie some string around the bottom to hold the boutique together and hang them up to dry in the sunlight. As soon as the boutique of flowers is dry, simply tie them to a cinnamon broomstick to create an elegant home décor piece that can be hung on doors, walls and beams of your cute cottage home.

5. Toss Throw Pillows Here and There

Making throw pillows from some soft fabrics of your liking and fluffy stuffing and tossing the pillows on benches, chairs, sofas and beds can add more comfort and warm to your lovely cottage home. If you cannot sew, you can purchase beautiful affordable throw pillows from home good stores when sales occur or from discount department stores for half off.

6. Add Antique Mirrors

Mirrors help small rooms in cottages feel more spacious and bright. Visit your local thrift shop and purchase some. If they are in rough condition, but affordable, pick them up anyways and paint them with some antique white paints to create beautiful antique mirrors that will look beautiful on the walls of your cozy cottage home. Some of the best places to place mirrors are entryways, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

7. Add some Old Rustic Furniture Pieces

Rustic furniture such as rocking chairs, coffee tables, nightstands, bookshelves, kitchen tables and wall shelves can provide some uniqueness and hominess to at cottage living space. You can find old rustic pieces are thrift shops and yard sales for cheap. Best of all, rustic pieces do not have to be painted or stained perfectly. They can looked roughed up and full of scratches and dents because these things add an even more rustic look to your cottage home.

8. Toss Hand Woven Rugs Down on Floors

Tossing some hand woven rugs down on the floors of your cottage home is one of the simplest cottage home decorating ideas you could do. Rugs make any home cozier and they help keep drafts from coming up through the floors during the wintertime when it is cold and during the summertime when you want to keep the heat out. Woven rugs can be found at home good stores and rustic country shops.

9. Create Home Décor Pieces with Jars

If you want to add some home décor pieces that reflect who you are as a persona and what you love, fill some mason jars with some of your favorite things and place them around your home on shelves, dressers or wherever you please. As an example, if you like the beach, fill a jar with beach sand, add some seashells and create ocean jars that remind you of your favorite places. For pieces that add character to the kitchen, fill jars with different shaped and colored pastas or rice, or even loose leaf herbs.

10. Dress up the Tables and Chairs

Adding warmth and a cozy cottage setting in your home can simply be done by adding tablecloths and placemats to tables and chair cushions onto wooden or metal dinning chairs. Doing this also adds comfort and makes sitting in these areas of your home more enjoyable when you have guest over.

Bottom Line for Cottage Home Decorating Ideas

Cottage home decorating ideas can be simple, affordable and easy to find or make as you have just learned. Be creative and add pieces to your cottage home that resemble what you love as this will make your living space that more enjoyable and relaxing for you. Also keep in mind, decorating and adding warm comforting pieces to your home will go along ways too. For example, keep the beds extra cozy by dressing them with soft pillows, sheets and comfort sets will help. Keep things simple and inexpensive because this is what cottage living is all about.

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