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Living Room Home Theater Ideas

Ready to watch the big game on a brand new big screen television? Or maybe you just want to enjoy some reality television or the latest movie? No matter what your taste, a home theater can maximize your enjoyment of leisure time in your home. The family living room is where many families now congregate and spend most of their time. So why shouldn’t it be an area that gets a lot of attention?

Even if your home is small or you are renting your current home, there are options to turn your living room into an optimal home theater experience. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, but many ideas build on what you may already have around the home. Here are some living room home theater ideas:

Viewing options

Since flat screen televisions are more popular, more people are starting to realize the flexibility of these televisions. For example, the ability to mount these types of televisions onto walls, leaves more space for DVD collections or other media equipment such as gaming systems.

Living Room Home Theater Ideas

Many people have made the switch to projectors for their home viewing experience. If you have a large room and the ability to darken the viewing area, then a projector may be an option to consider. The projector screens can be hung on the wall or in some cases, retractable so that the screen disappears when not in use.

Speakers and sound

A few years ago the term “bigger is better” may have been the perfect thought when it came to speakers or other audio equipment. But today we have the advantage of having technology that allows for smaller equipment. Instead of bulky stereo systems, we can use MP3 players and other items to save room for other things. A well placed small speaker can give the same amount of sound as yesterday’s larger speakers. Many televisions today actually come with pretty good speakers, eliminating the need to purchase other accessories.

Artcoustic Loudspeakers in Living Room Home Theater

Artcoustic Loudspeakers in Living Room Home Theater 2

Theater seating

Theater seating can add a unique feel to a home theater. If you can’t afford authentic movie theater seats there are other options. For those who want their living room to still be functional during non-movie watching hours, regular living room furniture can still be upgraded. For example, using regular lounge chairs and add flat tables nearby for holding drinks or snacks. Comfort is key, so even a few well placed pillows and cushions can make a relaxing theater environment.

Theater seating in home theater

Theater seating design in home theater

Theater seating model in home theater

A concession stand

Of course, only a few lucky souls can afford to have an actual concession stand in their living rooms. But with a few small additions, the feel of a concession stand can be had by anyone. If you want to go big, a wet bar with a supply of candy is a novel idea. Some real movie buff even have small popcorn cart machines in their home theater areas. But if you want to scale the concessions down a bit, a simple mini fridge with a microwave and some microwave popcorn can do the trick too.

Small touches

Sometimes all the furniture and gadgets in the world will not make a room feel the way someone thinks it should. That is where decorations come in to add the final touches. Movie posters, especially vintage ones can be purchased online for a fraction of the cost of an entire room redecoration. If your taste leans more towards sports or video games, artwork that incorporates those into the room would work as well.

Theater seating photo in home theater

Theater seating photo in home theater 2

Carpeting or large area rugs can add to the atmosphere of the room as well. Many home theater owners find that they have better acoustics with some sort of covering on the floor. Of course, those who like to watch television on the floor will appreciate the cushion between themselves and the tile or concrete.

Lighting can be an important factor in home theaters. If you use projection screens, any amount of light coming through windows or from lamps can wash out the viewing images. Even with regular screens, some people just enjoy the feel of lights out, similar to a movie theater. Installing dimmer switches or using three way bulbs can also add to that move theater feel without plunging a room into complete darkness.

The amount of options available for living room home theater ideas are numerous. Try some of these ideas to enhance your viewing times!

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