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Design Ideas for Your Home

Design Your Home with You in Mind

Reading interior design magazines and strolling through home improvement stores can give anyone the incentive to redesign their home. However, when the project becomes overwhelming with talk of weeks of contracting and an over-extended budget, you can become disheartened very quickly. Instead of retreating and wishing that there was a way to bring with you design ideas for home, consider some minor changes instead of having someone take a sledgehammer to your walls.

Start with really looking at your rooms and making a list of what you like and dislike about the space. Chances are, there is not that much that is displeasing, just a hodgepodge of different styles and colors. Select the most striking pieces of furniture and colors and ask yourself why you have such an attraction to them. It might be something as simple as a bamboo plant or a major focal point, like a fireplace. Plants offer a feeling of well-being and a fireplace can signify coziness.

Design Ideas for Your Home

Fireplaces that Mesmerize

There is nothing like a warm fire on a cold winter night, unless it is a fireplace that serves as a focal point of pleasure.  Turn your fireplace into the talk of the town by using it to boldly highlight your own passions. Design ideas for home fireplaces have exploded into artistic statements, just from being creative. Outline a boring fireplace with white paint and use decorative tile for the area surrounding the pit. Anything from colorful ceramic tile to black slate will catch anyone’s eye. Take this opportunity to portray your favorite type of painting, as wide as the mantel. The wow factor will great you, and others, as soon as you walk into the room.

Warm and Cozy Design Ideas for Home

Anything puffy and fuzzy will empty your mind from the stress of the day. This doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy a dozen fur pillows. Warmth comes in many different forms and while a few large couch pillows are great for snuggling, spread the feeling throughout the room. A thick pile or shag area rug, placed at the edge of your favorite chair, accepts toes and feet like a Swedish massage. If you have cream colored walls, collect 8 to 10 vintage oil prints of children, flowers, and outdoor scenes in different sizes and wood frames. Arrange these in a collage and feel the coziness begin to spread throughout your body. The thought of simple days, with innocence and character, will create a peaceful scene.

Fall in Love with Windows

Let your windows show off what your true spirit is. If you are lucky enough to have a plate glass window, don’t hide it with dark curtains, but use the glass to reflect your mood. Take decorative window film and form an arch at the top for a stylish change. There are many designs that resemble stained glass, or simple floral cascades. This will uplift the room and allow the sun to radiate within the room. Hang tab top curtains 3 inches from the top of the frame so the full extent of the scene is never missed.

Older homes often have an unsightly window inside the tub area. Before removing this eyesore, think of a new way to use this architectural defect. Invest in a round window that keeps the light in and gives the whole bathroom a new perspective. This innovative move will keep the space from feeling too small, plus will eliminate the need for costly lighting. Window design ideas for home bathrooms can open a whole new dimension in a room that you have to spend time in.

Do Away with Boring Ceilings

Homes with cathedral ceilings come with a nice price tag. Flat ceilings can also be used to make a room feel larger or smaller by using a little imagination. High ceilings are perfect for adding beams, covering with wood or using suspended ceilings for a coffered look. Further emphasize your new look with a ceiling paddle fan, dropped down at least a foot from the ceiling. Low ceilings can also become a work of beauty by using pastel colors and continuing down one wall with the same paint. Notice how the room opens up to new heights when the separation of walls and ceilings is gone.

Go Chic for Variety

If you have looked at different design ideas for home and still cannot part with that bamboo plant, make it the highlight of the room with a chic decorating scheme.  Use one corner for plants of different types in unique containers.  Brass, painted ceramic, and wood will add variety and make your bamboo stand tall and stately.  Choose one style to begin with, such as modern, and begin collecting glass and metal tables and wall hangings.  Anything is possible with chic as long as you do not wander too far out of style bounds.

Design ideas for home decorating can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it.  Begin with your inner joys and let your mind guide you.  Think color, texture, comfort and style for starting your own personal haven of contentment.  Never be afraid to explore the possibilities of creativity in design.  All it takes is a little thought, researching the Internet for ideas, and a will to make it happen.  Have fun with your passion and make the home of your dreams come true.

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