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Rumson Residence: Glance of Architectural Genius

Rumson is a borough located in the middle of New Jersey and is home to middle to upper class individuals with notable high-end mansions. One mansion built in this small borough is the Rumson Residence. It was designed by famed architect Robert W. Alder and was completed in 2014 costing more than 24 million dollars for its owner Warren Diamond, a notable personality in the real estate industry. Today, we will go into more detail about the mansion and its creator.

Lavish Interior and Exterior

Rumson Residence is a waterfront mansion with an abundance of features both inside and out. This house is more than 20,000 square feet, and includes a swimming pool, a massive garage, boat dock, more than a dozen rooms, and the list goes on.

Rumson Residence eclectic interior designRumson Residence – Designed by Cyndi Firth Interiors

Rumson Residence interior design at new yorkThe interiors of the mansion are lavish as well. It has a mix of different styles, both light and dark in color, as they blend well to bring out elegance. The white backdrop of the dining area is soothing to the eyes. It also has a matching fireplace that can be relaxing in during cold nights.

Rumson Residence eclectic dining room

Rumson Residence eclectic dining room and fireplaceThe living room is a mix of white and blue, with a hint of black marble for the design of the fireplace. It has stunning mahogany floors, and the carpet blends well with the design of the chairs to give it the perfect flow.

Rumson Residence transitional living room

Rumson Residence transitional living room and fireplace

Notable Architect

The Rumson Residence was designed by Robert W. Alder, a renowned architect based in New Jersey who received his architecture degree from Cornell University. He together with his company, Robert Alder and Associates, put up a stunning design of a mansion worthy of its value. His works are featured on various magazines, the most notable of which is from Panache Publishing’s “Dream Homes of New Jersey.”

Rumson Residence transitional living room design

Rumson Residence traditional home office

Rumson Residence traditional home office 2Robert Alder also has other activities besides designing high-end mansions. This notable architect is also asked to speak at some public schools in Rumson, New Jersey in order to inspire others to pursue architecture, and share their talents to the world. He is also tasked in conducting interviews for aspiring students of Cornell University’s School of Architecture, Art and Planning.

Rumson Residence eclectic bedroom design

Rumson Residence eclectic bedroom design 2

Rumson Residence eclectic bedroom

Rumson Residence transitional kids bedroom


A great house is as good as the one who designed it. Such is the case for the Rumson Residence. It is designed with great detail by Robert Alder, and is worthy of being a high-end mansion owned by a big-time real estate magnate. The intricate design paired with a spacious and multi-themed interior makes the Rumson Residence a property that will make visitors jealous with envy.

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