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Upgrade Your Mornings with a Home Coffee Bar

Are you a coffee lover but are stuck with the small, percolating coffee pot stuck at the edge of the countertop? Have you ever dreamed of having a larger setup, similar to what a coffee shop might feature? Well, if you have the several thousand dollars to drop on a high-end espresso and coffee machine than you are in the clear. However, you do not need to go after this sort of coffee machine just to upgrade how you enjoy your coffee. Instead, you just need to take advantage of one of these home coffee bar ideas, all of which are easy enough to setup yourself, and, should you not want to go with the out of this world coffee maker, you really don’t have to.

Bakers Rack

This is a small upgrade you can install and it instantly puts everything you need, right by your coffee machine. The baker’s rack features small hooks that hold your coffee mugs underneath a shelf. With this small addition, you can hang your mugs and still have your coffee creamer or other necessary ingredients on the shelf above. This gives you added storage space in the kitchen, not to mention you do not need to walk all over the place just to track down the items you need.

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If you are looking at a full kitchen upgrade, this is a great option for you. The build-in is not going to take up much space, but it both looks great and it also is going to add value to your kitchen. It does cost more than simply installing a baker’s rack, but it is well worth the money. With the build-in, you can have a countertop installed in a section of the wall, with a small refrigerator installed under the countertop. This way, you can have your creamer and other refrigerated items right there. Some cabinets installed under the countertop and a few feet above also give you plenty of storage space. It also provides enough space for you to have a nice coffee or espresso maker installed into the wall itself. This keeps everything clean looking, not to mention does numbers for the value of your home.

Out of the Kitchen

Your coffee bar does not need to sit inside of your kitchen. Chances are, you kitchen space is already at a premium, so saving the space by moving your coffee bar to the living or dining room might be exactly what you need. As one of the top home coffee bar ideas, you just need a nice piece of furniture placed against the wall with a clear top to allow you to place all of your coffee equipment on top, not to mention you are able to store other items inside of the furniture’s cabinets as well. Plus, if you want to brighten up a room, you can paint the furniture white or another bright color that helps wake you up in the morning.

Of course, if the bright, white of the new furniture does not go well with the rest of your room, you can go for more of a distressed look. This shabby-sheek look is nice for cabins or other locations where you want an old world feel to it. The rustic look of the wood and possibly wicker containers holding your ingredients is an excellent way to create a small coffee bar and yet still draw interest to it as well.

Limited Space

Do you have extremely limited space for your coffee bar. Of all the home coffee bar ideas, this is the option for you. First, the dishes take up a large amount of space. So, you can actually purchases wall-based coat racks from the home furnishing section of your local store and use these for coffee mug racks. This allows you to control the amount of mugs you have by the coffee maker, not to mention it opens up some countertop space. There are also elevated mantels you can install here as well, should you want to essentially create new countertop space for your sugar or cinnamon. Of all the home coffee bar ideas, this is the fastest and least expensive option you can always utilize


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