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Tips for Minimalist Kitchen but Functional

Having a minimalist house does need a high creativity in the existing arrangement of the room, one of which is the kitchen. Which of course because this is the space where cooking, you will need some equipment that is not small, so that the efficiency necessary for those who only have a relatively small kitchen. By looking at some examples of minimalist small kitchen pictures, will allow you to organize and create a beautiful kitchen interior design so that a narrow space this would be a pretty minimalist kitchen space. That way you will feel more comfortable.

Although minimalist style, a kitchen should still be utilized as fully as possible. Many say, that house is a reflection of its inhabitants. All parts of the house, such as bedrooms, dining room, family room, and a garden, can be made in accordance with the character of its inhabitants. Even the parts that are often dirty like kitchen, can also be designed to follow the hobby of its inhabitants. If you like to cook, for example, the kitchen is no longer to be “hidden” in the back of the house; instead may actually be highlighted. As performed by some homeowners who really is an expert cook or chef.

Elegant plus White Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

Minimalist Kitchen but Functional

Elegant plus Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room Design

Modern, Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

The first thing you need to consider is the furniture. Given that you do not have a large enough space, choose furniture that can utilize your vertical space. Buy furniture that is high and has a lot of space so you can put different kinds of existing furniture without consuming too much space. In addition, a narrow sense in the kitchen you can also remove the existing bulkhead eliminate. For example, the lack of a gap between the dining room with kitchen. This will make your kitchen feel more loose.

Luxury plus Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

Simple plus Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

The use of bright colours on the wall of the kitchen could also give an impression of a more loose for your kitchen. So you can paint your kitchen walls with a mix of bright colors. In addition, existing furniture should also be customized with the colors of the theme of your walls. Because of it, besides will give the impression of loose, it will also make you feel more comfortable while it is cooking in the kitchen. Choose colors that blend with the wall between the existing kitchen set. A transparent glass can also make the kitchen more loose.

Purple Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

Beautiful plus Minimalist Kitchen and Dining Room

Important things you should not forget is ventilation. Make sure your kitchen has sufficient ventilation, so fresh air could get in and the Sun’s light can also entered. Considering the kitchen area is an area that has a fairly high humidity levels, the existence of these vents become very important so that your kitchen is not overgrown by fungi and the like. In addition to the fresh air and light sufficient space will make your kitchen a more fresh and not smell musty mildew, so it will make you more comfortable when you’re cooking.

White plus Minimalist Kitchen with Ventilation and Dining Room

Placement of the stove also be a very important part to the limitations of the existing space. Do not ever put the stove in the window that has curtains. Because the chances of a fire to occur will be greater when the blackout struck by fire stove. To be more loose, you can put the items that have a large enough size, located next to the end wall. With such a narrow kitchen will be more pronounced the more loose and certainly safer from dangers of accidents that would arise.

That’s some interior design tips in the kitchen room Setup is not too large. The kitchen is tiny to the size that is not an urgent problem, when you have a creativity that will make your kitchen a more spacious and comfortable. With a neat kitchen and entertaining eye, will give influence to your mood that will make the food you create taste better. Don’t forget to always clean up your kitchen and take care to keep it clean, neat, and comfortable when you use it.

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