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Three Home Closet Idea Concepts

This will be a generalized article on many of the different home closet ideas. Of course it will largely depend on whether the project is still being erected out of the ground, your home suddenly has more space in it, or you are wanting to organize the closet, or closets, you already have.

The best way to organize a closet is to assess the space you have inside. From the dimensions, or length, width, height. Mathematically that would be length times width times height.

I recently just organized the space in my closet. I started with the boring and wasteful method. One long shelf on top of a rod bolted to the wall. To maximize the storing space I bought several pre-built shelves. The shelves lined one of the walls. My son, who is all of two years old, quickly decided those were for his Dr. Seuss books. Then before I could make an argument he moved all his books out of the bottom shelf and relocated them to a higher shelf. He then gathered all his shoes and organized them neatly into the floor level shelf.

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This led me to buy an upright dresser, or is it a chest of drawers, for the wall facing his shelves. Again the two year old boy moved all his clothes, drawer by drawer, into the new dresser. It is a small closet and the original idea was to place all his toy in there. He wouldn’t have it.

So with all the clothes still hanging on, the previously mentioned, boring rod, I bought an unspecific number of plastic containers. With the plastic containers full of various item the boy and I stacked them until they met the bottom of the hanging clothes. The project was nearly complete. Finally with the remaining tubs, or totes, we stacked them on the long board above the hanging rod.

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Now the project a two year old helped with is not the only kind of home closet idea. Above mentioned there are two other methods. Next you will learn about the most exciting project. This is the one you get to tell a contractor to build while he, or she, is building your home to be.

Let’s just say money is no option here. The obvious choice is a walk in closet big enough to be a room itself. Just like any other room this one can reflect your certain style. It would be impossible to describe the style you would have installed. So let’s talk about one you might want. By you, let’s assume a rich couple even dividing the one room sized closet. Yes it could be assumed if you had enough money for one room sized closet that in fact you could afford two. It will be a struggle to explain both genders closet desires since I could only be one of them.

You walk into your divided closet and instantly you can tell you are a couple with similar tastes. The walls are painted a neutral color and lights are placed in a very professional manner above the clothes hanging on either side of the wall.

His is full of beautiful suits, neatly arranged by season and color, while hers are arranged in a similar fashion. Both of you have your own drawers with all the accessories such as; belts, ties, cuff links, scarves, and so on. In the center of the room is something resembling an island, only it is much shorter, and when you sit on it you can see your many different shoes sitting across from you at knee level. All along the bottom of the closet is a mirror to display how the shoes look on your feet.

In the center of the room at the back of the closet is a mirror big enough for the two of you to stand and marvel at not only the clothes you wear perfectly but at the beautifully arrange home closet idea.

Some of you might even go as far to but a mini bar, safe, or extra safe place for items of an extracurricular activity nature. Wouldn’t want anyone to find certain things while they snooped through your closet.

Now for those of you now discovering your house has suddenly become void of children. You have always dreamed of a walk in closet to store your many shoes and clothes. Maybe you want your child to be able to inherent something you never had. Whatever the reason for your searching home closet ideas you have decided to do it. It is very likely you are excited about it and you well should be.

You can build it yourself so it will be cheaper or maybe you think it could be fun. At least if you do it yourself you won’t have to rant and rave when the contractor you hired did it wrong. Some of you will be on vacation somewhere while the project is being completed. So that when you arrive home it be like coming to a new place.

This method may not be the most exciting but it is still exciting because you have wanted it for so long and now it is a reality. If you have decided on doing it yourself the people at Home Depot or Lowes will be eager to show you an unlimited number of ways it can be done. The good hard working people at either of these stores will likely see if they can help you finance the project as well. If you have decided to sit back while the work is done you can be sure any contractor worth having is going to be able to have the same references for you. Remember as a good rule for shopping if you don’t love it at the store you won’t like it at home.

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