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The Hidden Gem of East Devon

Sapphire Spaces is committed to designing and delivering premier contemporary homes and flats. From being awarded “Ultimate Luxury Bathroom Design of the Year” by Designer Kitchen and Bathroom magazine last year, to their glowing client reviews for top-notch service and professionalism, the Sapphire team breathes new life and fascination into modern living. So you can get an ideas from great kitchen and bathroom design photos below, this is designed by Sapphire Spaces.

East Devon Refurbishment Kitchen and Bathrooms contemporary kitchen south westTheir newest project is a refurbishment of an East Devon home, completed with the help of German kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup. It implements a very open, minimalist, and almost Bauhaus-like, yet beautiful concept. From the seamless looking stainless steel appliances – a wall oven and microwave with gleaming outer glass – to the Danish/mid-century modern inspired furniture, this kitchen is artsy and edgy, yet warm and inviting.

modern East Devon refurbishment kitchen south westThe kitchen mixes modern tech amenities, like a thermoelectric wine cooler and eco-friendly lighting systems, with naturalistic wood and wicker elements. The white flat-panel cabinets are a nice marriage of the two styles.

East Devon Refurbishment Kitchen

contemporary kitchen south west

East Devon KitchenEven the laundry room, by stylishly and subtly hiding the units behind cabinet doors, achieves a strait-laced, smart look, and turns a room that’s known more for its function than its form into something smooth and sleek. Of course, it’s your choice to make it a loud and colorful and filled with clothes, but for now, it’s as fresh as clean sheets.

contemporary laundry room south westProbably the most extravagant and impressive offering of all is the bathroom – Sapphire Spaces certainly was not championed for their architecturally and aesthetically pleasing bathroom designs for nothing.

contemporary bathroom south westFrom the natural light streaming in, to the cozy cove lights above, to the large glass doors leading into a spacious, large-tiled shower, to the large curvilinear toilet, this bathroom achieves a very appealing look and balance that makes you feel like a pampered VIP.

East Devon Refurbishment BathroomsThe polished Troya marble tile spanning the floor and walls, with its soft cappuccino color, creates coherence in the room. The wood cabinet and countertop with its stark white vessel sink stand out proudly; the beveled teak once again adds a mid-century touch, as does the vanity light mirror.

East Devon Bathrooms

modern East Devon Refurbishment KitchenThe soaking tub perched snugly atop 4x4s is rather avant-garde, and makes the tub take center stage as a fixture under a wide picture window. Yet another vanity and vessel sink complete the room.

Sapphire does more than just “complete” its projects, however. Client feedback and the several accolades the company has already gained show its dedication to innovative and experimental, but also very tried and true, home design. This East Devon home stands as a remarkable example of Sapphire Space’s breathtaking capabilities. Each room is its own spectacle, and together, this house is a crown jewel worthy of Sapphire’s name.

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