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Bringing Your Dream Home to Life

If home is where your heart is, what does your house say about who you are? In a time were neighborhoods and subdivisions are built in a matter of weeks, other than the color of exterior it can be difficult to differentiate one family’s residence from another’s. Front yard and fence lines are too often the only difference between you and your neighbor.

Your home should be an extension of you and your family. It should have it’s own identity and characteristics. It should bring it’s own style and flare to the area you live in. Your home should not be a mere shelter or place of escape. It should be a significant part and play a defining role in the memories you will create throughout the years.

cjb HOMES transitional exterior design - dallascjb HOMES – Designed by cjb REC LLC

cjb SIGNATURE SERIES HOMES transitional exterior design - dallasThere is a huge difference between a simple home builder and a real estate development firm. One will use nails and lumber to build you walls. A real estate developer will take both a blank canvas and full throttle imagination to assist you in creating art. Regardless if you are designing a brand new home or making renovations to the one you live in, a development firm will set your humble abode apart from the surroundings, creating a personality all of it’s own. While the frame and shape of the house may resemble those next to it, your home can stand out with traits and uniqueness that develop character and style.

cjb SIGNATURE SERIES HOMES traditional bathroom design - dallas

cjb SIGNATURE SERIES HOMES traditional closet design - dallasEvery room in your home has the capability to be it’s own individual asset. Eloquent design can either use each room to bring your home together, or separate them into individual areas. Colors, themes, and shades can either create and separate boundaries or blend them into each other. Appliances, fixtures, and lighting can be used to create a sense of depth, making a certain space or area feel larger than it is. Flooring and textures can be used to create a statement of individuality. Of course budgeting is key and the developers at cjb homes can show you how to get the most out of every dollar you spend. They have both the experience and the business contacts available to ensure quality and value are a top priority.

cjb SIGNATURE SERIES HOMES transitional laundry room design - dallas

cjb SIGNATURE SERIES HOMES transitional bathroom design - dallas

cjb SIGNATURE SERIES HOMES transitional bathroom - dallasBoth the developing and building teams at cjb homes take great pride in the work they complete. They apply great effort into setting the standards of quality and efficiency their competitors are unable to meet. They will ask questions and listen to your answers. Instead of simply building a customer base, they develop relationships and guide you through the building or restoring of your home. They know the difference between putting together a place to live and bringing your dream home to life.

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